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The iconic Waterway Cruisers in The Woodlands are officially no more, as a Florida company was working to remove the popular - but not operating - boats out of the water on Tuesday and relocate them to a new home in Pompano Beach, Florida.

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) - A gray wolf relocated this fall from mainland Minnesota to Isle Royale National Park has died of unknown causes, officials said Tuesday, a minor setback in a multiyear plan to rebuild the predator species on the Lake Superior archipelago
The 5-year-old male was among the first two wolves released at the park Sept. 26 . Staff biologists became concerned in late October when his radio tracking collar indicated he was no longer on the move, park spokeswoman Liz…

The Nuggets had made their move, reducing a 10-point lead to four. The time had come.

Late night camera test of lights that look like a police car is nearby. Police squad car light effects FTW (fingers crossed).

NASA's ongoing research into making sonic booms quieter continues this week. Jets will be flying over Galveston and creating "thumps" or muffled sonic booms. The goal is to help develop quieter supersonic air travel in the near future.

Except for those along the coastline and near Galveston Bay, everyone in Houston and southeast Texas should expect freezing temperatures.

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Yes, it pays to keep customers smiling. Even in the midstream.
As midstream activity quickens in North America, customers are showing preferences for providers with strong operating and...

When a teen driver has only teen passengers in the car, the fatality rate for all people involved in a crash goes up 51 percent, according to new research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.