Business in Greater Memorial - Houston, TX

Sen Mazie Hirono (D-HI) attended a pro-abortion rally yesterday and she made a very strange announcement to the cheering crowd.

This edition of #PoHRadio covers Hunter Biden's cocaine party & Kamala's disdain for nurses & doctors. ( via @KenWebsterJrSho )

The waters of Maine yield the world's most succulent lobster. Upgrade your perfectly aged Omaha Steak with a dash of surf in these responsibly harvested, wild-caught lobster tails from World Port Seafood. Frozen the day of catch for ultimate ocean-freshness and conveniently split in two, these easy-to-cook tails are just what you need to upgrade your steak dinner to something truly unforgettable.

Eric Garner’s killer is facing a disciplinary trial. But there will be no court transcripts, and the final decision might be kept a secret.

Rule Number 1 when working in an office: DO NOT MESS WITH PEOPLE'S LUNCHES. Comedian Zak Toscani tweeted out a suspenseful story of an office lunch caper,

TRASH AHOY! Residents on Houston's east side are fed up with illegal dumping on their street, which includes furniture, junk, and even a boat.

Someone in a BMW shot the men in the Mustang after a fight that started at Michael's International strip club in southwest Houston, police say.

We are counting down the 10 highest paid school leader from Harris, Fort Bend, Montgomery and Galveston counties.

The United States military said it dispatched two Navy ships through the Taiwan Strait on Wednesday, according to News Corp Australia. The move will likely anger Beijing, at a time of already heightened tensions between the two major global powers due to an ongoing trade war between China and the United States. Taiwan has become a flashpoint for the Beijing-Washington relationship as China continues to claim ownership of the South China Sea. Washington has continued freedom-of-navigation patrols

Clashes between protesters and Indonesian security forces continued on Wednesday night as crowds continued to show their rage over the result of last month's presidential election , according to Reuters. Central Jakarta was filled with instances of tear gas, rubber bullets, projectiles, and firecrackers as protesters tore apart street signs and set fire to security posts and food stalls. The capital’s governor, Anies Baswedan, said six people were killed during riots on the first night which was