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Jim Bridenstine was sitting in his fifth grade Language Arts class in 1986 when his teacher, Mrs. Powers, rushed in, tears streaming down her face. She wheeled a giant, boxy TV into the classroom and switched on the news. There was the Space Shuttle Challenger, blowing up over and over in front of them. All seven crew members were dead. Seventeen years later in 2003, Bridenstine again sat in front of a TV — this time in the Persian Gulf where he was…

The big-budget, live-action remake is a technological marvel but lacks the heart of the original

The Grizzlies will face the Minnesota Timberwolves on Monday night in the title game.

A prayer service was held for four injured students on Sunday night at West Brook's Durley Stadium.

SANTA FE — The first thing Sabika Sheikh’s parents saw when they entered the main room at the Santa Fe Strong Resiliency Center were several large white canvas sheets forming a square in the center of the room. “God Bless Santa Fe” was emblazoned above dozens of messages scrawled in marker: “We miss you,” “Santa Fe Strong,” “Never forget.” The center opened its doors for the first time last week to Abdul Aziz Sheikh and Farah Naz. Their daughter Sabika, an exchange student…

Two-run rally in 11th inning salvages a happy ending after three lost leads, three-error inning and three baserunning mistakes

A setback to injured starter Brad Peacock set off a disadvantageous dominos effect for the pitching staff.

A YouTube star and presenter was killed after a crash between an electric scooter and a truck in London
Multiple UK news outlets said that it was the first fatality involving electric scooters in the UK, where they are illegal to ride on public roads but their increasing popularity could lead to a law change.
Police said that a woman in her 30s was killed in the crash, and multiple UK news outlets identified Hartridge as the victim while YouTubers and TV presenters…