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The restaurant will boast 5800 square feet, seat 220 people and feature a patio and breezeway for outdoor dining.

Katy police are working to track down five armed robbers who went on a crime spree.

Authorities are offering $10,000 for information leading to the person who set the fire that killed 5 students.

Hungary's political opposition promised to maintain pressure on the far-right prime minister Viktor Orban and his Fidesz political party on Tuesday after a week of protests brought thousands to the streets of Budapest, according to CNN. Four MPs were roughed up by security guards after attempting to state their demands on state television on Monday while hundreds gathered outside the headquarters of Hungarian state television, shouting out "Vik-ta-tor" (a combination of Viktor and dictator). The

A new study published on Tuesday says many adults with chronic pain don't receive additional benefits from opioids c ompared to a placebo and physical condition on average, according to NBC News. The majority of patients involved in the study would experience no meaningful benefit from opioids, but even those benefits tended to decrease over time and come with extra side-effects including vomiting, constipation, developing a physical dependence, and the risk of overdosing. The report was a

Why buy eggnog when you can make homemade eggnog in under 5 minutes? This easy Amish recipe is versatile...sweeten and season to your liking.

A new She the People national survey of top Democratic women of color shows strong interest in Kamala Harris’s potential 2020 presidential campaign.

Aharon Aharon, head of Israel’s governmental tech investment arm, spoke at a conference on tech and the country's Arab sector held in Nazareth Tuesday

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Adapted from The Art of Work: How to Make Work, Work For You! The supreme intelligence is my strength, all of my weaknesses are forgiven. I forgive everybody and I forgive myself; therefore, only good comes into my life.

There's more to self care than just working out. Financial issues can cause physical and mental stress, too. Time to review your progress in 2018!

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