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Summer is in full swing and what better way to cool off during the day or warm up on a summer night than in a pool or spa?

One of the highlights of the Utopia IV maiden voyage was the fact that Marc Ashley came along with his beautiful life partner Maria Checa – we finally got to spend quality time together, brainstorm, enjoy each other, and bond. (Marc/Maria, Loren and JR). When you think about the fact that we have spent over 26 years relentlessly building the business passionately and can’t differentiate work from play because we have fun and love the business, it was good to have quality time…

We all have those special places in our home where we keep the lesser-used, but necessary items… Christmas decorations, old clothes, important papers and supplies.

Let’s take a look at how UFOs have been converting spending into earning and funding their Shopping Annuity this past week.

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We all get a little superstitious sometimes. Maybe we heard a noise in the hallway when we were alone at night. Maybe we wear our lucky shirt to job

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Summertime and relaxation take on a whole new meaning when you kick back in the comfortably contoured seat of the POLYWOOD® Classic Folding Adirondack Chair. This sturdy chair is constructed of solid POLYWOOD lumber that's durable enough to withstand nature's elements
To replace your limited typical patio furniture options, we offer the Active Collection; water resistant and a perfect solution for…

Strike the perfect balance between being on the beach and being in someone's wedding photos.

As we enjoy this Maiden Voyage of a lifetime across the Mediterranean this summer, I wanted to share this official Utopia IV tour with you all.