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Research has long shown that high levels of stress can wreak havoc on your health and wellbeing, with scientists finding links from a range of chronic diseases from high blood pressure to heart disease and obesity. Now a headline-grabbing new study suggests that women who put in long hours at work may be at risk [Continue Reading]

Summer is in full swing and what better way to cool off during the day or warm up on a summer night than in a pool or spa?

A gas station clerk is being called a hero after springing into action when a woman pleaded for help to hide her from her kidnappers.

When you have a family, finding a job isn’t as easy as choosing whatever employer offers you the most cash. You have to take into account barriers to employment such as transportation and the alway…

VIDEO: Dirk Hohndel, VP and Chief Open-Source Officer at VMware, talks about how dev security should be done, whether the code is open source or proprietary.

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The Hang Ten Girls' Heart Shaped Sunglasses feature a polycarbonate frame and scratch-resistant lenses.

GandCrab ransomware is attempting to infect Windows XP systems using the NSA-linked EternalBlue exploit.

Williams is committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety
Pipelines are the safest, most reliable and efficient manner of transporting energy products. Pipelines exist almost everywhere throughout the United States — generally buried underground — transporting the energy that you depend on every day to heat your home, generate electricity, cook your food and so much more. Pipelines are a vital and efficient part of…

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Airports around the country are investing millions in enhancing the passenger experience from the moment a passenger arrives or departs. According to Architectural Record, more than 50 U.S. airports could collectively account for up to $70 billion in...

We all have those special places in our home where we keep the lesser-used, but necessary items… Christmas decorations, old clothes, important papers and supplies.

Lindsey Campbell, a healthy and oft-traveling 29-year-old, recently detailed her experience with deep vein thrombosis following a flight from Iceland...

California Governor signed into law AB 375, the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018; the California equivalent of GDPR...

Congratulations to our Ft. Worth Class of 2018. Learn more about our Ft. Worth Campus here: Gainful Employment disclosures may be view...

[Surgical technologists assist surgeons in operating rooms during major and minor surgeries. Click here to learn the top skills all surgical technologists should have to fulfill this important role.]

McDonald’s announced Friday it will stop selling salads at thousands of its locations across the Midwest, after public health officials in Iowa and Illinois linked an outbreak of cyclospora infections to contaminated lettuce in the fast-food chain’s salads.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act suspended “certain miscellaneous itemized deductions subject to the two-percent floor,” which includes “investment fees and expenses.” However, the new law retained “other miscellaneous deductions” not subject to the two-percent floor, including short-selling expenses.

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hypnotic-flow: “ sanctuaryofcinema: “Whose Line is it Anyway - Season 13 - Episode 6 ” ”

If there's one activity that has more of an impact than succession planning and talent pools, it's replacement planning, although the term is frequently used in conversations about succession planning. They are two different things.

Prince Harry and his wife, the Duchess of Sussex, have taken the unusual step of accepting a gift from a fan while visiting Dublin, Ireland.

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Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson says he’s raising rents to put poor Americans to work, but according to a new study reported in The Washington Post, the majority of people who receive

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When an entrepreneur plans to start a new U.S. airline, insiders usually laugh. Even the most successful investors often struggle with airlines, where Established airlines could lose share to the proposed new airline from JetBlue Airways founder David Neeleman.

The worst data breach in history: I had to take the kids and leave the house:

A common drug used to control blood pressure and help prevent heart failure was announced by the US Food and Drug Administration on Friday, a week after 22 other countries recalled it because the drug contains a chemical that poses a potential cancer risk.

One person has been arrested following a deadly crash at the West Loop and U.S. 290.