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The cost and demand for quality health care have been rising, inexorably. To keep both from spiraling out of control, the states largest health care insurer, Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA), has been pursuing what it believes will be an important solution: Changing the way primary care physicians (PCPs) are paid. In 2016, HMSA began a pilot project to replace the traditional fee-for-service model with a…

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The city’s Ala Moana Regional Park master plan aims to improve the aging and popular 119-acre urban site while maintaining its character. Among its sensible guiding principles: restoring beauty while increasing accessibility and enhancing park features.

Argo was the first yacht to complete the Transpacific Yacht Race, crossing the finish line off Diamond Head on Wednesday at 8:52 p.m.

The Rev. Paul Sutekichi Osumi wrote a short, inspirational column six days a week in The Honolulu Advertiser from 1957 to 1993 named Today’s Thought.

"Bro Thor" and Rocket have a moment in this unfinished scene that didn't make it into Endgame. Look for the blurred out product placement! Avengers: Endgame hits Blu-ray on August 13.

The U.S. military has brought back the remains of more than 20 servicemen killed in one of the bloodiest battles of World War II
An Air Force cargo plane flew the remains from Tarawa atoll in the remote Pacific island nation of Kiribati to Hawaii on Wednesday.
Marines carried flag-draped caskets off the plane for a ceremony.
The remains are among those discovered in March by History Flight, a nonprofit organization that searches for the remains of U.S. servicemen lost in past conflicts.…

YOKOHAMA >> Japan’s culture of cute makes no exceptions for poop. It gets a pop twist at the Unko Museum in Yokohama near Tokyo.

Question: My wife and I have lived in Hawaii for years, but neither of us were born here and we’ve both been married more than once and lived all over. This whole Real ID thing is a hassle for people like us — life hasn’t been a straight line We don’t have our paperwork tied up in a bow. I don’t know where to begin to replace the documents we need.

TheBus’ Fall Semester U-Pass – discounted passes for TheBus – are on sale for UH West Oʻahu students. The U-Pass is being sold for $225 (cash only) and carries a $385 value (it’s the equiva…

Hawaii’s Carissa Moore won the Corona Open J-Bay surf tournament held in South Africa today and vaulted to No. 1 in the 2019 world league rankings.

Maryknoll boys basketball coach Kelly Grant guided the Spartans to the Division I state championship last season, but despite the departure of key players due to graduation, he is highly optimistic. One of those reasons is 6-foot-11 Sage Tolentino, who was featured by Paul Honda here. Coach Grant chatted with Hawaii Prep World on Monday.

Two clips of Rick and Morty Season 4 debuted at Comic-Con today, teasing even wackier misadventures to come.

We look back at Batman Beyond, the beloved cartoon that redefined the Dark Knight for a new generation.

Nanci Coolen’s dream is to someday travel the breadth of the U.S. in an RV when her husband, Bob, retires from the University of Hawaii.

Parents’ Day is July 28, and it is the perfect time to recognize the parental figures in our lives that may not get celebrated on Mother’s or Father’s Days. Diamond Bakery is extending a special offer — Buy 3 and Get 1 FREE. So, you can get and give more of our delicious crackers and cookies to those who meant the most

Honolulu firefighters responded to a fire that broke out on a makeshift boat in Keehi Lagoon early today.

The board of the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation on Thursday approved paying a contractor up to $10 million to deal with contaminated groundwater found in December in an aquifer about 30 feet below a rail work site at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport.

One of the biggest decisions a business needs to make is where to put all of its data. Should you keep it on-premises, move it to cloud, or edge data centers where it is closer to users, applications and analytics? And once you’ve decided where it needs to reside, there are other questions to answer, such as: How can you move data securely between these different environments or integrate them to leverage analytics for the best possible insights?

Excluded from mainstream school, these teenagers explain how boxing helps them channel their ADHD.

Israel has launched a sale process for spectrum suitable for 5G services, Reuters reports, with the government said to be hoping to attract bidders with discounts, as operator continue to struggle with the high levels of competition in the nation’s wireless sector. According to documentation published by the Ministry of Communications (MoC), frequencies in the 700MHz, 2600MHz, and 3500MHz-3800MHz bands are to be made available, while…