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Choose from a selection of Omaha Steaks, gourmet food gifts, seafood, and great side dishes. Omaha Steaks is a premier provider of quality frozen foods. Purchase online or in one of Omaha Steak's 80 retail locations.

How do you improve on the rich, creamy magnificence of gourmet macaroni and cheese? You add large chunks of sweet, succulent wild American lobster. And you make it as easy as to prepare as possible. Omaha Steaks Lobster Mac & Cheese goes from your freezer-to-oven-to-table in mere minutes. But it looks - and tastes - like you spent hours to get it just right...

I'm partnering with Omaha Steaks as an ambassador to tell you about some delicious ways to set up a burger bar, just in time for grilling season. Setting Setting up a burger bar is an easy and fun way to entertain in your backyard this summer. All you need to do is grill some juicy hamburgers and set out a buffet of toppings and condiments. See my tips for summer entertaining.

Air fryer cooking instructions for your favorite Omaha Steaks products, including chicken fingers, arancini, potatoes au gratin, coconut shrimp, and more!

Tender, supremely juicy chicken breast, bursting with savory flavor and wrapped with crispy strips of hickory-smoked bacon! Try them on the grill, then served alongside one of our quick & easy gourmet sides.

Shop online right now for once-in-a-season savings on Omaha Steaks favorites including gourmet steaks, meats, seafood and more. Order today!

Discover three unique and delicious ways to cook a steak without a grill. Learn how to smoke a steak, sous vide, and reverse sear your favorite steak cuts.

There are a lot of ways you can cook a massive steak like our King Cuts, but one of the best methods out there relies on only one thing: smoke!

Jewish Family and Community Services (JFCS) wrapped up another World Refugee Day in Market Square this afternoon, giving many thanks for the first sunny

You gotta start somewhere. Before you put on that bbq apron, check out the Omaha Steaks grilling guide for beginners. Learn how to control the heat to master the meat. It's really that simple.

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Essentials for tailgating! Here is a handy checklist of top things to bring to a tailgate, including all the little things to make an unforgettable tailgating experience.

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Will You Answer the Call of the New Strenuous Age?
If you've wanted to take more action in your life -- if you've wanted to strengthen yourself in body, mind, and spirit, but haven't known where to start, then The Strenuous Life is for you.

Omaha Steaks King Cuts are our biggest steaks ever. By far. You've never seen a steak like this... Order online now for an incredible steak experience!

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Ian Brill's "Aggregate", LED Installation in the egress glass stairwell of the Bost Building in Homestead. Photo by Chris McGinnis
First Friday, an internationally recognized event of art exhibitions and social networking is coming to 8th Avenue in Homestead
Art exhibits, live music, craft beer, food and drink specials will be happening up and down the avenue.
Ian Brill’s “Aggregate,” LED Installation in the egress glass…

The steakhouse classic... at home! Super-tender perfectly aged Omaha Steaks filet mignon wrapped in strips of smoky, sugar-cured bacon make an irresistible combination. Our master butchers age each filet to maximum tenderness, then pair them with our best bacon strips with small metal skewers (take them out when you cook). The sizzle, the aroma, the flavor... you will LOVE making Omaha Steaks Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon and be proud to serve these steaks.

Also called the "petite tender," the Omaha Steaks bistro steak is a butcher's specialty that's very tender and has a bold beefy flavor. To make these new favorites even better, we've wrapped each one in a thick strip of sugar-cured, hickory smoked bacon for even more flavor and sizzle when grilled or cooked in a pan.

Welcome to the new alpscontrols.com! If you still need to revisit our legacy website, you can find it here - but it won't be there forever!
LED Lamps & Luminaires

Perfect little morsels of tender steak, each one carved from our 21-day-aged, tender ribeye and meticulously Triple-Trimmed by hand to remove all exterior fat into perfect 2 oz. medallions. They're ideal for your favorite recipes. With Omaha Steaks Ribeye Medallions, great cooking results are always guaranteed.

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Hippity-hoppity! It’s almost Easter and us moms now have yet another opportunity to be overwhelmed, exhausted and forgetful. Never fear, SLACKER MOM is here with some Easter Parenting Hacks when one more holiday is just too much work. Video: Slacker Mom’s Guide to Easter Sponsored by Omaha Steaks Slacker Mom’s Guide to Easter Baskets Some moms put me to shame with the thought, care, and time they put into building their kid’s Easter baskets. I’m too tired and busy for [...]

The Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation actively assists western Pennsylvania high school seniors in their pursuit of academic achievement by offering multiple scholarships. Our application is NOW OPEN should you like to apply for our current scholarship program.

You can always find the latest New Balance styles with the best selection in Pittsburgh at our 2 locations ! Our Fit Specialists are here to help with a free foot scan to find the right shoes and orthotics for your lifestyle.

How to cook the Omaha-Cut Ribeye steak indoors and on the grill. The NEW Omaha-Cut Ribeye is extra-thick, triple-trimmed, and perfectly sized.

You can always find the latest New Balance styles with the best selection in Pittsburgh at our 2 locations ! Our Fit Specialists are here to help with a free foot scan to find the right shoes and orthotics for your lifestyle.

Easter dinner made easy with our recipes for ham, chateaubriand, and lamb, and heat & serve side dishes, potatoes, & desserts.

Dry-aged beef is a traditional butcher's technique that's difficult and slow, so almost no one does it. It's uncommon to see dry-aged beef today, but we brought it back as America's Original Butcher. Learn more about the dry-aging process and what makes dry-aged steak an amazing experience.

EXCLUSIVE to Omaha Steaks - and a true culinary achievement. Only America's Original Butcher - with our 100+ years of homegrown know-how - could craft a steak that delivers an experience like that of the Omaha-Cut Ribeye: thick, tall, and tender like Filet Mignon, with all the rich, buttery flavor that makes ribeye a steakhouse favorite. Prepare to discover your new go-to steak... You won't find it anywhere but Omaha Steaks.