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Everything’s Included by Lennar, the leading homebuilder of new homes for sale in the nation’s most desirable real estate markets.

When’s the best time to put your home on the market? Depending on which part of the country you live in, there are several factors that could influence how long your home will be listed before it sells, and how much buyers will pay. This article from Builder highlights new data from Zillow that pinpoints …

It seems like everyone is talking about the Instant Pot, and many have even decided to purchase one for themselves. Here's everything you need to know to get started.

The Senate overwhelmingly passed the annual National Defense Authorization Act with the 2.1-percent raise and measures to add troops and halt an Army drawdown. Last week, the House passed the bill, which sets defense policy for 2017.

Hundreds of food companies have promised to keep their suppliers from cutting down forests. A global coalition of environmental groups is watching to see if the companies are keeping their promises.

In the past 50 years, Miami's landscape and very culture have changed dramatically, but there are still bits of Old Florida if you look. One such haven is Robert Is Here, located in Homestead. More than a typical fruit stand, this piece of Americana opened in 1959, with a 6-year-old...

For those of us old enough to remember, Homestead is the area that was decimated by Hurricane Andrew. For the rest, it’s one of the few places left in the 305 with affordable housing (if you’re willing to add an hour or longer to your morning commute). It may not...

Check out! One of the MovieMaker Magazine's Top 10 Outside the Box Film Festivals, is presented by the Humphrey Bogart Estate and the Key Largo Chamber of Commerce.

France has passed a new law to ensure all plastic cups, cutlery and plates can be composted and are made of biologically-sourced materials. The law, which comes into effect in 2020, is part of the Energy Transition for Green Growth – an ambitious plan that aims to allow France to make a more effective contribution to tackling climate change. Although some ecologists’ organisations are in favour of the ban, others argue that it has violated European Union rules on free movement of goods.

After you’ve had your home inspected and looked up the property values, consider these seven factors when home shopping to find the right neighborhood.

A qualified home buying class can be a perfect way to learn first-time home buying basics and help you be prepared for your big financial decision.

After years of planning, West Oakland's People's Community Market may finally come to fruition. Can it help reshape a 'food desert'?

Five vegetated reef islands in the Pacific’s Solomon Islands have disappeared because of coastal erosion and sea level rise, according to a study published in Environmental Research Letters that confirmed numerous anecdotal accounts of extreme shoreline changes. Many homes are close to sea level o...

Watch Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c. The nation's strongest vocalists compete for a recording contract, with the help of superstar coaches, on The Voice.

Fathom Events and GI Film Group to present "Cinematic Salute to the Troops " in 375 theaters across the country.

Advocates say that people of color living near large hog farms in the state haven't been protected by the law. Read more on food justice blog Civil Eats!

This spring, the USDA is expected to launch a pilot that will allow a limited number of internet food delivery services to start accepting SNAP payments.

Many survivors of domestic violence have had their attempts at work and creativity sabotaged for years. On these 40 acres of rolling farmland, they're being restored.

From access to government subsidies to workers’ rights, Americans are increasingly seeing food as political.

E-books may be convenient and cheap, but they aren't displacing paper just yet, at least in the hearts and minds of college kids.

Farm-to-food-bank programs save 300 million pounds of surplus and ugly produce a year in more than 20 states. Read more on our sustainable food news blog!

The Z06 story started in 1963 as an options package that was first offered on that unmistakably cool, split-window coupe. The 327 cubic-inch monster in that sled was so thirsty, a massive 36.5 gallon gas tank was available, if only to enable more laps at the racetrack between refuels. Since then, a steady stream of special edition Corvettes has spilled out of Chevy’s Bowling Green, Kentucky factory. This latest, greatest range topper earns its hyperbolic keep.

This tool will help you learn about the risk of getting HIV or transmitting HIV to someone else and also how to lower that risk.

Casavana - A Family Restaurant Serving Homestyle Cuban Favorites And Much More.

Dear candidates for president,
Elections are about leadership. Leaders influence and shape the world around them. So far, the election conversation abo...

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How did Ronda Rousey go from living in her car to being MMA's most unstoppable force?

Lawn watering is limited all year in South Florida by the South Florida Water Management District's Year-Round Landscape Irrigation Rule and local ordinances.
(NOTE: Local governments may adopt water shortage orders with alternate schedules. Please check with your city or county to see if any are in effect.)
Click the list of counties or the map below to find the days and times when you can water in your area:

BCC Board Meeting and Work Session videos dated October 20, 2015 to present are also available by viewing the meeting calendar .

Turmeric is a spice that is used quite extensively in different cuisines around the world, and research is showing that it may have the potential to help the body in numerous ways. It’s always nice when science backs up what some cultures have known for centuries, as it gives it some added clout that it …

The forearms and wrists allow us to perform the exercises that develop and maximize biceps, triceps, deltoid, chest, and back strength.

Stephen Colbert will be funding every existing teacher grant request in the South Carolina public school system made through Donors Choose.

Tom Izzo is heading to his seventh Final Four after Michigan State took down Louisville, 76-70, in overtime. Travis Trice led the Spartans with 17 points, fi...

Michigan State eliminates Virginia for the second season in a row, winning 60-54 on Sunday. Travis Trice scored 23 points as the Spartans maintain a perfect ...

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The battling robots are back! Twelve years after BattleBots ended its run on Comedy Central, ABC has picked up a reimagined take of the killer robot combat sport, from Whalerock Industries and the …