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An 8-month-old pit bull in California is being hailed a hero after she alerted her family of a fire in their apartment complex – and then sa...

How does the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, the anti-poverty program of the U.S. Catholic bishops, work? To understand how this program helps peopl...

This magnificent home is a treasure in the exclusive community of Eagle Trace in Coral Springs. The home is fully remodeled, and its location resides on a golf course for the future homeowners of this home to fully enjoy all of its amenities. This beautiful home includes 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms t...

Homily by Father Ivan Carrillo at St. Boniface parish. For more information visit saintboniface.us

Learn more about what happens to companies that file for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection - and how it differs from other types of bankruptcy protections.

Learn how to make filing for bankruptcy less painful so you can successfully rebuild your financial life.

A Hollywood man is accused of exposing himself to a 14-year-old girl in Cooper City after driving near her and asking for directions.

SSCo Event Management and The Gleaner Company have once again joined forces to present the eighth annual Restaurant Week, November 8-16, 2013 when over 75 of Jamaica\'s best restaurants will offer specially selected three-course, fixed price dinner menus and lunch time specials at significantly discounted prices

Visit Us At: www.universitydodge.com www.facebook.com/UniversityDodge plus.google.com/+RobLambdinsUniversityDodgeIncFortLauderdale/po...

If you were going to sell your car, what would you do? Well, you would probably check to find out how similar vehicles to yours are priced. Then you would set your advertised price within that range.
What you would be doing, perhaps without knowing it, is determining the “market value” ... Continue Reading

Homily by Father Ivan Carrillo at St. Boniface parish. For more information visit saintboniface.us

Do you value values? How about values such as; 'Open company, no bullshit'. Maybe this one; 'Build with heart and balance'. Or even better; 'Don’t #@!%

Conventional wisdom has it that the end of the year is the worst time to look for a job. Conventional wisdom is wrong.

Traveling at about 20 feet a year, the muddy mystery has no obvious driver—and so far, it can't be stopped.

LGBTQ voters and winners, like out Congresswoman-elect Angie Craig, made all the difference.

Fish Window Cleaning is the premier window washing and cleaning service in the United States. We provide both residential and commercial window cleaning and washing services.

I make sure that I always have a bottle of rubbing alcohol on hand! It's one of the most useful things you can keep around your house, and in this post you'll learn 11 of the very best and most useful ways to put it to good use!

The contentious, drawn-out race for Arizona’s U.S. Senate seat flipped Thursday, with Democrat Kyrsten Sinema moving ahead of Republican Martha McSally’s lead after the latest batch of results.

In today's digital age, companies have more resources and more options for training their staff well. Here are some of the best ways to approach training.

AFTER TWO years of unified Republican control, divided government is returning to Washington. In arguably the most consequential mid-term elections in recent memory, the Democratic Party won a comfortable majority in America’s House of Representatives.

SaaS platforms provide enterprises with a more efficient method of accessing large files.

Learn how to take a user friendly approach to content and see how content distribution for corporate trainers can work better with today's technology.

Some people choose to follow traditions. Some prefer to make their own. The holidays are where you take them. And with a Jeep SUV you can take them anywhere....

Want to know the best tactics for home buying and selling? Consumer Reports tells how to do the best on one of the biggest transactions you'll ever make.

It’s almost 9 p.m. and you sink into the couch; finally, you have a few minutes to yourself. Between chauffeuring the kids to and from school, preparing meals, running errands and meeting deadlines at work, you’ve hardly had a second to yourself. Does this scenario sound familiar? As a mom, it ca...

Mediterranean Pasta Salad
An Array of Vegetables or with Seafood Mix
Personal Pan Pizza Combo
Served with a salad and sweet treat