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I didn’t want a hamster. I really didn’t. But, my three daughters and my wife wanted a hamster, and the combined power of their wills is stronger than mine. So,

"We have to continue to keep the ministry changing to reach more and more women for Him."

Easy 1-Click Apply (ACCESS DOOR COMPANY) Sales Associate (Office) Garage Doors-Training Provided job. View job description, responsibilities and qualifications.

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Grief Recovery Class: Learn about grief and discover practical tools and understanding that will equip you in the face of present, past and future loss in your life. Led by Mike Wadel, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist (from the Chattanooga Center for Grief Recovery)
Reformation (Then and Now): Reformation is just as relevant and true for Christians today as it was in the 1500's. Discover what makes…

When it comes to yoga practice, one pose simply doesn’t fit all. In Your Body Your Yoga, Bernie Clark lays out a road map for getting to know your own anatomy inside and out and determining what stops you from doing a given pose.

"Christianity is not an individual thing we do. It's a team sport. We lean on this Word together."

Learn about grief and discover practical tools and understanding that will equip you in the face of present, past and future loss in your life. Experience healing, move towards deeper peace and learn how to navigate grief and minister to others.

Last week, Northwest Exterminating's Good Deeds Team and several colleagues ventured to the Toys for Tots warehouse near its Atlanta, Ga., headquarters.

Now is the time to start making your New Year's resolutions. Pest-proofing your home is one resolution that can save you money during the year and help reduce your stress. Check out these 8 tips for pest-proofing your home.

Easy 1-Click Apply (ACCESS DOOR COMPANY) Garage Door Technician job. View job description, responsibilities and qualifications. See if you qualify!

The holidays provide many opportunities for pests to enter your home. Check out the different ways pests can get indoors during the holiday season and tips to prevent them from taking over your home.

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Join the McCallie Student Broadcast team as they discuss the best of McCallie sports as well as other sports news from around the country.

Fathers who get involved in their kids' education have a big effect on the health, academic success, and happiness of their sons and daughters.

Thanksgiving isn't just a time for fun and family bonding, it can also be an opportunity to teach children some important lessons. Before you relegate the kids to another room while your cook or load up their plates for them, you may want to consider having them take a more active role in the day. A few simple tasks can make a big difference in your child's development. At Primrose School of NW Oklahoma City, meal time is about so much more than…

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