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When and how to prune your
Crape Myrtles !
Crape Murder!
Pruning crape myrtles is just not that complicated. The hope is you planted the right plant for the right location. If you planted a crape myrtle that grows 20' tall and you only want it to be 6' tall, good luck! Plant the right variety for your desired size. Pruning should be about shaping, not hacking it back with a chain saw!
Last Chance to Plant Grass Seed!

Last Chance to bring in your House Plants!
Believe it or not, we will see temperatures dip into the forties within a week or two and your house plants need to be indoors by then! Check them over for any possible insects before you bring them in. Holcombs has several products to help bring them in clean of insects and keep them clean.
Holcomb has a great selection of houseplants as well!
Last Chance for Step 4!

These beauties can make an instant screen for your lawn or outdoor living area. Hurry while supplies last.

The nursery and greenhouses are full of beautiful mums, pansies, roses, trees, and shrubs. The weather is changing, the plants are ready and Fall is the best season of all! If all the fall color were not reason enough you get you to come in, then check out some of the specials that await you!
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Fall is the best time of the year to plant trees and Holcombs has a great selection.
Looking for beautiful fall foliage in a shade tree? Holcombs has some lovely maples.
Looking for spring color in a flowering tree? Holcombs has a good selection of dogwoods, redbuds and flowering cherries.
Looking for fruit trees? Yes, Holcombs has those as well.
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