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We all get tired from time to time. It is a normal part of life. However, sometimes being tired can be a sign of something more. Our team at AFC Urgent Care TN wants to share some insight into the causes of fatigue, as well as how to prevent it. What Is Fatigue? Fatigue is …

"Fighting for one another is much more rewarding than fighting with one another."

Cigarette use among American adults is at the lowest it's been since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention started collecting data on the issue in 1965, according to a report released Thursday.

This Saturday, November 10, 2018
Holcomb Garden Center will give all veterans a 10% discount. This is our way of saying Thank You for all you've done for our country
Use this time to plant a tree, fix the lawn, or give some one you love some pansies.
Choose any in-stock items you like and confirm to the cashier that you are a veteran to receive your 10% off your purchase.
(Does not include Gift Certificates)
Time for
Step 5!
Step 5, Fertilome…

Jesse Cox with Access Garage Doors talks about taking care of your garage doors during the winter months.

How did the Air Force 1 become a shoe icon? Take a look at this illustrative guide.

Ways to say "no" to drugs
If youâre considering using drugs, it can help to think about why youâd do it. Some teens use drugs to feel grown up or to rebel against their parents. Maybe they think drugs will help them fit in or be cool. Some hope it will help them do better in school or deal with stress. Some use drugs to feel good or have more fun at a party or club. But the truth is that…

Follow this handy guide when looking for a pillow to help alleviate your sciatica symptoms.

Tribute for William Clinton Holcomb, Jr. | William Clinton Holcomb, Jr., 57, of Ringgold went home to be with the Lord on Saturday, November 3, 2018 at his home. He was a life-long resident of the North Georgia area and a member of Burning Bush Baptist Church. Mr. Holcomb was co-owner of Holcomb Garden Center. He was preceded in death...

Consumers should immediately stop using the drills and contact Black & Decker for a free replacement side handle

This easy, at-home sensory activity is a blast of colorful fun!

Easy 1-Click Apply (GARAGE DOOR ACCESS HUNTSVILLE) Manager-Garage Door Company job. View job description, responsibilities and qualifications.

What threat do rodents pose to humans? Rodents like rats, mice, and squirrels will often seek shelter in your home in the cooler months. Rodents can spread diseases like hantavirus, salmonellosis, and rat bite fever. Read more to find out what risk these diseases pose to humans.

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You never realize how important alone time and a good night’s sleep are until you don’t have them. Every child…

The changing seasons bring different pests to invade your home. As summer fades into fall, a new group of pests will seek shelter indoors before winter. Check out these 7 common fall pests and ways to prevent them.

When and how to prune your
Crape Myrtles !
Crape Murder!
Pruning crape myrtles is just not that complicated. The hope is you planted the right plant for the right location. If you planted a crape myrtle that grows 20' tall and you only want it to be 6' tall, good luck! Plant the right variety for your desired size. Pruning should be about shaping, not hacking it back with a chain saw!
Last Chance to Plant Grass Seed!

It's that time of year again. This year’s video features vocals by Will Hunt, Shawl Pryor, and Ti Thomas, choreography by McCallie senior Zyan Wynn, dancing ...

Just because the leaves are falling doesn't mean it's time to put away your lawn mower just yet! Fall is the perfect time to prep your lawn for spring. Check out these next steps for fall lawn care.

There is more than a lump! Our app will explain how to do a self-exam, what to feel for and what to look for as part of breast awareness. Sign up for an earl...

Driving healthy growth at Smoothie King with a wellness-centric message

Go ahead and press that subscribe button and let's reach 10000 and make an awesome community! You Can Vote For A Video To Be Made Or Request Something Just L...