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Personalization is the key to selling online. Without personalization, you’re relying on consumers to figure out what they want. By presenting relevant products, you eliminate all of that hard work, which most aren’t going to do anyway. A study conducted by Salesforce in March to June 2017 revealed that shoppers prompted with relevant product recommendations accounted for 26 percent of revenue on ecommerce sites. This, despite…

Often misunderstood, the common cold is attributed to more than 200 types of viruses — with one-third of colds linked to the rhinovirus. While there’s no silver bullet for the

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Attempts to commit online fraud jumped during the holiday season, increasing 22 percent from Thanksgiving to December compared to a year ago. That’s according to new data from payments company ACI Worldwide, which found that along with the fraud increase, overall online transactions also jumped 19 percent from Thanksgiving to the end of 2017. “Over […]

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Black Oil Sunflower Seed for only $24.99
These fresh crop seed are one of the bird's favorite.
The high oil content of sunflower helps keep birds warm during the cold winter days and nights!
Yes, it's 2018! As we look ahead for this year, it's with great excitement we await the coming of spring! 2018 holds new plants, new promotions, and new gardening classes. Many announcements will be coming in the near future. Be sure to read our weekly emails to stay current…

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An estimated 70 percent of smokers wish to quit, but—unfortunately—only a fraction succeed each year. Having a few strategies in place may give you the push you need to be free of this addiction
Since the 1960s, the number of smokers in the United States has steadily declined. In 1965, 42.4 percent of adults were smoking cigarettes. By 2014, that number dropped to 16.8 percent .
But smoking is still an extremely addictive and dangerous habit. Cigarettes are responsible…

This was a good year for increased exposure to the Bible from Washington D.C. to remote villages in Africa to smartphones around the world.

Meet three young yoga teachers using Instagram as an outlet to share their passion for the practice.

As we gather with friends and family this Christmas, let's notice the simple moments that offer us nothing more than joy and love.
Year after year, Christmastime arrives in a flourish with all the trimmings, and the world is tempted to upscale, overspend and outdo. But isn't it the small, almost insignificant moments that actually make Christmas grand?
Maybe it's the smiling face of a four-year-old as she offers you a home-made gift. Or it's a few words written in a card…

Fathers who get involved in their kids' education have a big effect on the health, academic success, and happiness of their sons and daughters.

While expensive shipping is the number one reason for rampant cart abandonment, many other issues can be rectified with a better user experience.

Our teens are a close-knit community, led by a group of all-star small group leaders. They spend time each Sunday, diving into the Word, discussing the lesson shared with them, and praying over eac…