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of feeders, bird bathes, suet feeder, Coles Bird Food,
Florist Quality
Poinsettias at Holcombs!
From traditional red to any of the new colors, Holcombs has a great selection for decorations or gifts.
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Pests are affected by the seasons so knowing what to expect during each time of the year can help you prevent infestations of your home. Check out these seasonal pest prevention tips.

Twinkling lights, gatherings with friends and family, and Church musicals seem to be every day events this time of year. We always say, "Take time to smell the roses" and this time of year we know it's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas Season. That being said, be sure to keep Christ in Christmas this year! Share the love of Christ with an often forgotten friend or relative. Surprise a total stranger with a show of…

Joelle Winston shares her story of how BenchMark Physical Therapy helped her recovery after a double knee surgery.

"Because I was born into a long line of worriers. We've been trained in the fine art of worrying."

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Join the McCallie Student Broadcast team as they discuss the best of McCallie sports as well as other sports news from around the country.

The end of warm weather doesn't mean the end of pest season. The last of these creepy crawlers will overwinter in your home causing potential damage and risks to your health. Check out these tips to prevent pests this winter.

Fatty liver disease affects about 25% of people globally. Here is a detailed look at fatty liver, as well as some strategies to help resolve it.

Just because winter has arrived doesn't mean it's time to cancel your pest control services. Many pests will overwinter in your home causing potential damage and the risk of infestation.

Fathers who get involved in their kids' education have a big effect on the health, academic success, and happiness of their sons and daughters.

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Thanksgiving isn't just a time for fun and family bonding, it can also be an opportunity to teach children some important lessons. Before you relegate the kids to another room while your cook or load up their plates for them, you may want to consider having them take a more active role in the day. A few simple tasks can make a big difference in your child's development. At Primrose School of NW Oklahoma City, meal time is about so much more than…

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Even if you don't use your technology in the hours leading up to sleep, just having the electronics plugged in affects your circadian rhythm.

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