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Summer brings warmer weather and more outdoor time. It also brings mosquito season. Check out these 6 tips to prevent mosquitoes this summer.

A note from Kelly King: Every time I read one of Kaye Hurta’s weekly articles on ministering in the messy, I’m reminded that even if I don’t see myself as a biblical counselor, I still have the abi…

It's too hot to cook today, let us do the cooking. Come by one of two locations and pick up dinner. Heat up and your dinner is done.

Cold weather is passed, the soil is warm and the selection is great for planting vegetables and herbs. Find an empty area in the garden or plant in a container on the patio, add good planting soil and then plant tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash, beans, okra or choose from over 30 herbs. Food, water and sunshine will make you garden grow wonderfully! Don't let empty space go to waste, plant food for the belly or flowers, food for the soul!
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Did you know that Family Wellness Month is in May? In recognition of this month, our team at AFC Urgent Care TN wants to offer some ideas on how you can live a more active and healthy life as a family. ##Focus on Health Who wants to live a long and healthy life? All of …

Corn oil and canola oil are both pleasant-tasting oils used in cooking, frying and in salad dressings and marinades.

Hear about Nicholas' journey from Northwest intern to Termite Technician!

Stinging pests are at most active during spring and summer months. With the sun out and spending more time outside, the chance of encountering a stinging pest that could potentially harm you and your family increases. Here are some common stinging pests to be on the lookout for: Hornets Hornets build nests in hollow trees...

These lovely, hand-tuned chimes create songs of nature with every breeze. Not to be confused with cheap chimes that cling and clang. Our chimes are tuned to musical notes
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Holcomb Garden Center has one of the largest selections of herbs to be found. If you are growing wonderful home grown vegetables, step it up a notch and grow your own herbs. Instead of being a cook, you become a gourmet chef!
Our 4" potted herbs are only $3.99…

Have you recently moved your child into their new college home or first apartment? With that empty nest also comes more open space in your hom and, at some point, you'll likely want to convert your son or daughter's room into a guest bedroom. While tackling your kid's room may seem daunting after 18 years of him living there, there are plenty of easy changes that can transform the room and make it a cozy and welcoming guest space. Learn more on The…

Anyone who follows cultural trends as they relate to Christianity has likely seen the so-called rise of the “nones”—people that self-identify as not belonging to any particular religious group. “No…

Political scientist Paul Djupe has a word of caution for pastors. Be careful when you get involved in politics—you may drive some people away.

Manicurist Mila Yagoudaief showed Health reader Lisa Heywood insider tricks to pulling off a salon-perfect pedi at home.

Many vegetables have more sugar than people realize, making them suitable for dessert, whether it’s at a top restaurant or on your home table.

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Sitting is killing you. Sitting on its own isn’t inherently bad, but if you work at a computer, sitting for hours every day is ultimately hard on your body. Here are some simple tips you can do to help, though.

These heat loving beauties are ready to add a tropical punch to your outdoor room
Chose from the ever popular Mandevillas in red, pink, yellow, or white. Let them climb your fence or porch rails to add color all summer
For pops of large blooms, our tropical Hibiscus demand your attention. Choose from reds, yellows and several combinations.
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Well, spring has finally showed up, the boys of summer are hitting the field, and the smell of popcorn and hotdogs is in the air... 'Tis the season for summer athletics around the country (and it seems like a good time to revisit an old lesson). For 10 years, I had the opportunity to serve as the

Volunteers rolled up their sleeves at more than 40 locations between Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach to help clean up the environment

Here's what it really takes to get chiseled abs – and why it's easier for some people than others.

Emory & Henry senior safety Justin Banks needed just one word to sum up the recently-completed spring football practice for the Wasps.