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Be it a Frank Gehry work of asymmetric art or an 18th-century Russian palace, these 15 museums are among the most beautiful in the world, with stately buildings that complement the treasures housed within.

Free OTC medication safety tips for parents, with tools to teach your child about responsible over-the-counter (OTC) medicine use.

Using a machine-learning algorithm, researchers were able to “train” a computer to recognize the neural patterns associated with various scents, and identify whether specific odors were present in a mix of smells.

These 8 vegetables you can reuse even after you’re done chopping them up. Bet you didn’t know you could regrow your celery just by sticking the butt-end into a glass of water! It does require some time though but the benefits riding on the project are many. It

The first 36-date leg of Janet Jackson's "Unbreakable World Tour" kicks off Aug. 31 in Vancouver, BC and continues in North America through Nov. 12 in Honolulu.

To understand how people look for movies, the video service created 76,897 micro-genres. We took the genre descriptions, broke them down to their key words, … and built our own new-genre generator.