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Blockchain, the digital technology behind bitcoin, is starting to be used in real estate—and it could soon disrupt how homes are bought, sold, and insured.

At Cognizant, we are uniting doctors, insurers, and patients on a collaborative care platform, making it easier to do what's best for everyone's health, ever...

UhaulCarShare® allows you access to a vehicle by the hour without the hassle of gas, insurance, parking fees and maintenance costs. Choose any car and time with rates as low as $4.95/hour.

Some borrowers may no longer be required to get formal property appraisals, which could save them hundreds of dollars and speed up the closing process.

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Are You Seeking Candidates to Fill Jobs in TLD
Transportation, Logistics, Distribution
When: Thursday, June 14, 2018
Where: Union County College Elizabeth Campus
Time: 9:30 am to 12:00 noon
Meet candidates/students who will earn their CSCMP SCPro certifications in Supply Chain Management Principles, Warehouse Operations, Transportation Operations and Customer Service Operations. Entry level and middle management level candidates with strong work backgrounds and skills to put…

Online registration for 2018 International Gathering of Apostles & Prophets Conference. Online registration ends October 18th 2018.

October 15-18, 2018 International Gathering of Apostles & Prophets Register Now:

May 20 – 23, 2018
JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes
Whether you represent a health plan, hospital and health system, provider, benefits administrator or life sciences organization, the conference provides an opportunity to learn how your organization can focus on today’s healthcare challenges and achieve new levels of efficiency while harnessing the power of digital.

Very much enjoyed Robin Landa’s story, and shed a tear at the millions of real life stories that remain untold.
On a technical note, it took me three attempts to read the story on my desktop and on my phone. I applaud and support anyone putting out a literary journal in any form in 2018, but the site design is not conducive to a smooth read. I think you’re making the whole thing too complicated by half.

By Marty Mulcahy, Editor
LANSING - Michigan's Prevailing Wage Act is in serious jeopardy, but it received a reprieve from the state Supreme Court
A 3-0 vote by a Michigan Court of Appeals panel on May 11 ordered the Board of State Canvassers to certify a petition that is aimed at repealing the state's prevailing wage law. However, on May 15, the Michigan Supreme Court granted a union-backed request to suspend that appellate court order, potentially giving the high court justices an opportunity…

Healthcare is in a period of incredible transformation. With changing competencies, shifting pressures, and changing beliefs, disruption is coming from every...

Each member of Kean’s Class of 2018 has a story to tell – of perseverance, hard work and triumph. As commencements are held this week, we take a moment to reflect on some of our extraordinary graduates
Sarah Mack – The Kean 2018 Student Researcher of the Year from Flemington had no idea what to study when she came to Kean. A volunteer experience in Cambodia in the summer after freshman year changed that. Seeing how the environment affected the people there, Mack…

From wireless base stations to high-end imaging, if it touches multicore, it’s in the mix

This 2017 photo provided by Grunder Landscaping shows a contrasting mix of long-flowering plants separated from the pool water by a walkway in Dayton, Ohio. Poolside landscaping is a bit more...

The American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB) has established a professional certification, the Certified Bookkeeper (CB) credential, a high professional standard for bookkeepers. By successfully passing tests in six subjects, signing a written code of ethics, and demonstrating two years’ work experience as a bookkeeper, you can earn the right to put “CB” after your name. The experience requirement may be completed before or after the…

The American Conference on Diversity, in collaboration with Kean University, held a "No Hate" Town Hall at the New Jersey Center for Science, Technology and ...

This reference design implements a multi-MHz power stage design based on the LMG1210 half-bridge GaN driver and GaN power High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMTs). With highly efficient switches and flexible dead-time adjustment, this design can significantly improve power density while achieving

In Theaters May 11 -- -- Ne...

The LMG1020 device is a single, low-side GaN driver designed for driving GaN FETs and logic-level MOSFETs in high-speed applications.

First produced in 1948 for Pennsylvania Railroad as class G31, PRR purchased 11,600 welded cars of this body style in the G31/G31A/G31B/G35, serving the Standard Railroad of the World in every corner of North America in many customer applications. If you model somewhere in North America, you can use a PRR model! Besides PRR, several other railroads also purchased these gondolas from ACF, and some former…

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