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Here are tips for homeowners thinking of paying their 2018 property taxes early to claim a federal deduction before the new tax law takes effect in January.

Every town has its quirks, but New York City’s boroughs take the cake. Whether it’s limited parking, small apartment sizes, non-working elevators, or congestion, each neighborhood in NYC seems to provide its own unique problems for residents while moving. Here’s a rundown of just a few of the challenges you might encounter during your NYC …

London is fueling public transportation from used coffee grounds that’s also transferred into a biofuel.

Two people were killed and several more were injured in a fiery crash on Route 440 in Edison early Friday morning.

Winter roofing is a job fraught with peril. Here are six things to consider to ensure your crew’s safety when executing winter roof projects.

If organized labor were as strong today as it was in the late 1970s, nonunion men without a high-school diploma would be earning 9 percent more, according to a new study.

Here are some of Gates' best nuggets of wisdom for those on the verge of entering the real world.

Posted by Karyn Greenstreet on Nov 01 2017
In the small business world, where practically everyone is time-constrained, it’s sometimes difficult to give your best to every customer, every project, every task. This is what I discovered over the years: that giving your best to everything you do is so important that there’s rarely an excuse for not reaching for your highest potential
The problem seems to come into play with competing values: you value your customers but you also value time with…

Feast your eyes on a roundup of beautiful wrapping paper designs, and enter the Print Celebrates Design competition before the Dec. 1 deadline!

Lovelace, known as the earliest computer programmer, has been recognized annually on October 15th to highlight the contributions of women to math and …

How can the energy industry adapt to meet the needs of a growing population while also supporting low-carbon growth?

Hayward offers innovative new products with incredible rebate savings. Get cash back directly from Hayward on the products below when purchased from a Hayward Authorized Dealer.

Here are 13 low cost ideas that won’t blow your event budget, but can still make a great impact.

Add beautiful blooms without a lot of maintenance to your garden this summer with easy-growing, summer-blooming shrubs. Here are some of the best.

The last thing you want is to break down miles from home in the middle of nowhere. A pre-trip vehicle check can help help ensure a safe holiday road trip. Vehicles should also have a roadside emergency kit that includes items such as a first aid kit, tire-changing jack, tire pressure gauge, jumper cables, flashlight and blankets.

It's supposed to be the day that US retail stores suddenly turn profitable. But how did Black Friday come to be?

Thirty-eight thousand: According to the annual summary from U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), that is the number of Americans who suffered leaf-raking injuries in 2012.

Whether you’re an employer looking to hire or train a skilled workforce, or a worker looking for a new career, ApprenticeshipUSA can help you achieve your goals.

To be on your A-game this year, you have to be using the right platform to maximize your sales potential.

Shop with Handy Store Fixtures for gondola shelving and retail store fixtures direct from the USA manufacturer.

Founded in 1998, the Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament (HMMT) is one of the largest and most prestigious high school competitions in the world. Each tournament draws close to 1000 students from around the globe, including top scorers at national and international olympiads. HMMT is entirely student-organized, by students at Harvard, MIT, and nearby schools, many of whom are HMMT alumni themselves.

There's no denying divorce is tough. You need the right advice to make it through a split, so we're revealing what some experts have to say.