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An overwhelmingly non-union electorate voted in favor of unions. What does that portend?

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Watch and Share: We Must Strengthen Labor Unions
When working people join together to form a union, we win. Working folks coming together in union make sure they're able to make a good living and create better workplaces. Watch and share this video if you agree!

Want to amp up your workout or torch more calories without increasing your gym time? Interval training could be your best ally. This style of workout involves interspersing short bursts of activity with periods of rest – and it comes with numerous benefits. An athletic trainer explains.

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The information and misinformation surrounding hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as a treatment for menopause symptoms is vast. A certified nurse midwife and menopause treatment expert takes on the most common myths and why HRT shouldn't scare you.

Lions Rewind: Play-by-play recap of Lions' 16-10 loss to the Oakland Raiders

Detroit Lions Post-Game: Lomas Brown talks with Kerryon Johnson following the Lions' 16-10 loss to the Oakland Raiders.

Reports that the Trump administration wants to deny citizenship to immigrants who receive public assistance have unleashed much concern. But nothing has been approved yet and published reports are confusing.

Drinking water and staying hydrated is key to maintaining health. A new product dubbed alkaline water claims to do more than just that, with proponents saying it can balance your body’s pH, boost energy and stave off disease. Do these claims hold water? A registered dietitian offers the known facts versus the hype.

New research finds ADHD medications like Adderall don’t improve cognition in healthy college students and may even impair the memory of those who abuse the drugs.

The following press statement was issued by Detroit Branch NAACP President Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony regarding the comments made by Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson. DETROIT (August 9, 2…

Detroit Public Schools Community District does not endorse the proposed changes to the Michigan Department of Education's Social Studies Standards.

On the site of a former department store, Detroit megadeveloper Bedrock plans to build an 800-foot-tall tower with 1 million square feet of retail, office, residential units, and public space. Its architects call the development a "city within a city."