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Think before you take that next selfie! Last year, more people died from selfies than from shark attacks, and many more have been injured while taking their own picture. Faith Salie takes a look at the rash of untimely deaths - and the social cost of relying so much on selfies for our experience of life.

From single-serve oatmeal to spinach-feta wraps, here are some of my family's post-travel freezer favorites (without any mention of frozen waffles).

Teeth grinding can be caused by a number of things including, anxiety, stress, exhaustion, or signs of a sleeping disorder like an apnea.

Brush always, floss often, and smile regularly to show off those pearly whites! Don’t we wish good oral health was that easy? Unlike skeletal bones that can regenerate, our teeth in their current state are what we get to cherish from now up until our …