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The state dental association is warning older residents to take care of their chompers during Older Americans Month, which is May
"As we get older, it's important to take time to ensure our teeth stay healthy with proper care," said Dr. David Fried, president of the Connecticut State Dental Association in a news release. "It's natural to experience more oral health problems later in life, but there are ways to treat and even prevent them. Prevention is the key to maintaining oral health."…

I’ve had so many friends swear to me that their dogs were able to sense their pregnancy, that I just have to believe it’s true. Dogs have intense sensibilities and have been known to warn their owner’s of impending dangers, even helping protect sick …

Think before you take that next selfie! Last year, more people died from selfies than from shark attacks, and many more have been injured while taking their own picture. Faith Salie takes a look at the rash of untimely deaths - and the social cost of relying so much on selfies for our experience of life.

From single-serve oatmeal to spinach-feta wraps, here are some of my family's post-travel freezer favorites (without any mention of frozen waffles).

Including a magical cure-all food and how they keep hunger at bay.

Brinks has a remarkable habit of smiling just like a human - and it's how he managed to woo his new owner