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In the United States, contact with live poultry has been linked to 70 Salmonella outbreaks resulting in 4,794 clinical cases since 2000.

Mabel Hughes, a Salvation Army volunteer, has the same belief of each person that passes by her kettle at the North Fort Myers Walmart: everybody matters.

“All of modern medicine depends on antibiotics: surgery, cancer care, transplantation; antibiotics are not just used for infectious disease treatment
#amr #phc #uhc”

Award Ceremony Set For Connected Health Conference in Boston
AUSTIN, TX, September 5, 2018 – Wellsmith , a provider of consumer health engagement solutions, has been recognized as a finalist and Honoree for the Catalyzing Disruptive Innovation Award, which recognizes organizations that have designed cutting-edge technologies or are using technology in such a way that could lead to exponential sustainability gains
The Green Electronics Council (GEC)…

Having a plan of action can be lifesaving when a hurricane hits. Don't forget to consider all possible scenarios while preparing.

Bone Density Test A bone density test is the only test that can diagnose osteoporosis before a broken bone occurs. This test helps to estimate the density of your bones and your chance of breaking a bone. NOF recommends a bone density test of the hip and spine by a central DXA machine to diagnose... Read more »

A new design exhibit, where everything from coffee cups to furniture is made from waste, highlights the value and cost-efficiency of the recycling market.

Q. Tell us about FLK in about 10 words
A. We are out here on earth to love.
Photography by ZoZo Photography
Q. Why was it started and what was your vision?
A. I started FLK because I watched children put half of their lunch in napkins and put it in their pockets to save for supper. I watched this for years while my kids were in school and felt sick about it long enough then decided to try and change it.

10 Things You Need to Do When Getting Started on YouTube
YouTube can be a fantastic way to improve traffic to your site. Our partners at Constant Contact provided us with a great article containing tips for getting started on YouTube !
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