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Propane is used in a multitude of ways throughout the world. Transporting it can be tricky. Propane tank trailers must adhere to special safety rules.

THOMASVILLE -- Kellie Sharpe's classroom of kindergartners at Thomasville Primary School have awesome skills. At the Parade of Excellence last week, they proudly carried signs that read

DAVIDSON COUNTY -- A resolution by the Davidson County Board of Commissioners devoted last week to the remembrance of lives of law enforcement officers lost in the line of duty.

THOMASVILLE -- If the cadets of Thomasville High School's Bulldog Battalion are the future, the future is bright indeed. Promotions, medals and commendations were presented to cadets of all rank with proud family members in attendance at the May 16 Bulldog Battalion Banquet.

You need a new trailer. Now the dilemma begins… Buy one of those fancy new models or recondition a trailer? Read on to find out more!

To win a poker game, you have to work with whatever data you have, however limited it may be, and then make the best choices possible. Annie Duke, decision strategist and former championship poker player, explains how poker has useful lessons for any IT decision-maker. @Enterprisenxt

FIT speaks with three experts about the threat that hospital-inquired infections like Candida Auris pose for India.

In order to comply with state and federal regulations and be on the right side of the profit/loss report, the correct trailers are needed.

adidas supplies a '90s-inspired sneaker that's both bold and eccentric for your everyday style. The White and Royal Yung-96 Shoes boast a mixed media upper, a lightweight midsole for all day wear, and a wide, chunky silhouette that's distinctly '90s.

Five Triad high school students were joined with their families at High Point University today for a signing-day ceremony to celebrate their

UN report urges countries to invest in AMR. The United Nations Interagency Coordination Group (IACG) released a report last month addressing the global threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and urged countries to take immediate action. The report calls for a One Health approach from countries across all income levels, focusing on the human, animal, and …

Special thanks to Aesthetic Images for capturing so many
wonderful images from the event!

If you have a moving company, you may already know that a moving company fleet should consist of more than one type of vehicle. Let's see why.

The Interior Design Society presented 2018-2019 Designer of the Year Awards at its annual conference this month in Palm Springs, Calif.

The Sustainable Furnishings Council and the Interior Design Society named Sheree Vincent from Fusion Designed as the winner of this year’s #GetYourGreenOn award.

We help people earn a living, improve their lives, and strengthen their families and their communities.

Mind, Body, Spirit is the eNewsletter of the United Church of Christ Wellness Ministries, linking lives for health and wholeness. The purpose of this newsletter is to share information that will assist you in program development and give you the lead time needed to obtain resources. Since health promotion programs are most effective if people simultaneously receive the same information from a variety of sites such…