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Find out how thumbsucking and pacifier use can affect your baby's mouth and get tips on how to help your child break the habit.

There are good reasons to take your child to an orthodontist by age 7 — problems can start long before efforts to correct them.

Friendship is a manifestation of God’s love. It is the purest of all love. The friendlier you become toward all, the more real friends you will have.

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Most of us know how important it is to look after our teeth, but do you know the different types of teeth are and how we use them? Learn more, here.

Orthotics – shoe inserts designed to ease foot pain and correct structural issues – may provide much-needed relief.

A beautiful smile. It's one of your most attractive traits. But what can destroy your teeth? Poor dental hygiene habits. And guess what. Most people are not caring for their teeth properly! Keeping your teeth in top shape requires regular visits to the dentist. However - good denta

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Is testosterone contributing to the worsening of your hashimoto's? Listen in as Dr. Shook discusses this topic. You can get great information through these resources: The 6-Week Hashimoto’s Transformation Program: Hashimotosdoctor.com/tp  The 6-Week Hashimoto’s Detoxification Program: hashimotosdoctor.com/detoxprogram  The (Secret) 6-Week Program (Coming Soon): hashimotosdoctor.com/secret  9 Labs Required to Understand Your Thyroid Program: hashimotosdoctor.com/9teststc  29 Non-Thyroid Labs You Need That No-One Has Ordered Program: hashimotosdoctor.com/29labstc  How Can…

Brad Gaspard, M.D., is a family physician at Louisiana’s Baton Rouge General Medical Center. It’s a busy practice: Gaspard and his nurses see about 45 patients a day, most of whom have one or more chronic diseases, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

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