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We want to share with the world our animated short film made by young art students in Venezuela. | Check out 'Help us share Girasol with the world!' on Indiegogo.

Stress is a common trigger of asthma and to reduce stress-induced asthma attacks, you will need to learn how to manage stress.

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Allergies and asthma can cause similar symptoms, like coughing, but they are quite different. Is there a connection between the two?

A report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association says millions of Americans who’ve been told they’re allergic to penicillin, most often as a kid, can still be treated with the antibiotic. NBC’s Dr. Natalie Azar joins TODAY to share what that means for you and your children.

The State Board of Education is expected Wednesday to approve a report that details a shortage of certified science, English and math teachers in Florida’s public schools.

To transform your Customer Experience, you must first understand where you are, and define what success looks like. Identifying the right metrics will help you align your leadership team on the right activities to reach your goals.

Peptic ulcers, or stomach ulcers, are breaks or holes in the lining of the stomach. An ulcer in the first part of the intestines is known as a duodenal ulcer. An ulcer in the stomach is known as a gastric ulcer. If you think you may have an ulcer, you should see a gastroenterologist. Gastroenterolog

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A pre-­shift meeting is a perfect way for a restaurant owner to build camaraderie, motivate employees and set the stage […]

Your liver is amazing! It is the second largest organ in your body (your skin takes the top spot!) and it has the greatest regenerative capacity of any organ! It is so amazing that doctors are able to perform “living-donor transplants.” That means that surgeons can remove a portion of a living donor’s healthy liver ...

NCR is a global leader in developing transformational transaction technologies including online banking, POS systems, mobile payments and omni channel retailing. We build and manage the ecosystems where consumers and commerce meet, combining our cross-industry expertise with meaningful data to move our clients from transactions to interactions that matter

Innovative products and systems that aim to reduce our carbon footprint are sure to make headlines this year. By Blaine Brownell As concerns about climate change and humanity’s environmental footprint increase, carbon reduction will doubtless remain a prominent topic in 2019. Thankfully, certain scientists, manufacturers, and designers have acknowledged the problem, and many are taking steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with their products and research…

Since being founded in 2010, Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt has opened more than 20 franchise and corporate stores in Arizona, Texas, Indiana, Michigan and Georgia...

There’s no denying that the motivating imperative driving every boardroom conversation is digital transformation. After all, we know from daily

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Sprint offers a wide variety of wireless accessibility services, including Sprint Vision® Store and Sprint Relay Store.

Injuries caused by car accidents can be as unique as the crashes that cause them. Keep a close eye out for symptoms of these common car accident injuries.

The face of marketing is ever changing. To stay ahead of the curve, small businesses must adapt. Here are five of the biggest marketing trends to track in 2019

The Starsky 25oz Stainless Sports Bottle features single-wall construction, a screw-on, spill-resistant lid with duo opening for easy cleaning and carabiner is attached. It is also an exclusive item. Hand wash only and follow any included care guidelines.

As an emerging technology, the experts keep revising the definition of artificial intelligence. Organizations have to keep pace to reap the business benefits.

Custodians of The Golden Armor is the first book of the child stories saga Defenders of the Lands of Dreams.

It was the favoured architectural style of Stalin and the Nazis. What forms does classical revivalism take today?

The drive is being offered through OneBlood, which is looking for rare blood matches for a Florida girl with cancer.

How well do you know yourself? Knowing what you’re good at and want from life is excellent guidance when choosing a career.

Here’s some news that can’t be surprising to anyone: the most common New Year’s resolutions are to eat healthier and to get more exercise. Maybe you’re one of the millions of people who are determined to begin 2019 thinking about your health, and that’s a good thing. Any Lab Test Now is here to help ...