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Blockchain technology—with all its promise to transform interoperability—has yet to make practical inroads into the healthcare industry. But the ongoing march toward value-based care could play a primary role in incentivizing health systems to adopt the innovative technology once it becomes available.

Dr. Colm Murphy is a cardiologist and the founder of a tech company that is about building a community of physicians in order for them to help one another.

Choose medicine if that is your passion, and continue on in medicine because that is your privilege.

When monitoring heart rate, skin temperatures, activity and other physiological data, biometric-sensing wearables are also tracking important indications of abnormality associated with infection, inflammation or even insulin.

The good news is that the help is out there, just a click or a phone call away. Seek it out. You'll be far better off for doing so.

There's more information on genetic mutations and in the scientific literature than cancer doctors can process easily. Smart, fast computers might be able to help.