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UTICA, N.Y. — F.X. Matt Brewing Co. will mark the formal grand opening of its Saranac 1888 Tavern & Tasting Room as a full-scale bar on Thursday, March 31
It will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 5 p.m. with the Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce.
While previously functioning as a tasting room available only to patrons at the end of their brewery tours, the Craft New York Act of 2014 now allows the brewery to operate as a public bar…

Not only did Walla Walla Fire Marshal Gabriel “Gabe” Tichi, 47,die almost instantly during the tragic Pe-Ge Tavern fire on Jan. 1, 1974, but firefighter Woodrow “Woody” Groom Jr., succumbed

Increase your production output by combining bottle filling, crowning and labeling in one efficient turnkey process. The same great performance you expect fr...

Looking for a craft brewery, a beer you might like, or on the hunt for a rare whale beer? There are apps for that.

Memorial Day weekend is upon us. Stock your coolers with six of the most perfect summer beers on the market.

Want to wash down that leftover Halloween candy with something spirited? Matthew Stock, a beer expert from the Brass Tap, says craft beer can complement our candy cravings. • "I always tell people pairing beer is easier than even pairing wine," he said, "because there is such a variety of natural flavors in beer, and lots of interesting specialty ingredients." • We threw out a few candy suggestions to see if Stock could identify the right beer for the job. Here are his…

Fourth of July is the biggest holiday of the year for big beer companies, but craft beer companies have plenty to celebrate.

A side effect of the continuous development of more choices and different flavors in craft beer has led more women to become interested in what has been a male-dominated industry — both as consumers and industry professionals. It's a trend that has not passed Houston by. Sour, fruit flavored, and...

Crack open a beer in eastern Oregon, and barriers are quickly broken. The brews and views are breathtaking in this region of outlaw country music, rattlesnake feeds and giant skies.

How innovations in the craft brewing industry have changed (and improved) our taste in beer

The Brewers Association's list of top craft breweries saw some shifting at the top and beyond because of changes in its craft brewery definition. Former No. 1 Boston Beer has been replaced by Yuengling.

For years, canned beers got a bad rap. But the tide has turned, and more craft brewers are turning to the once-pedestrian can as their vessel of choice.

So, another holiday gift buying season rolls around and you're still hanging out with that same craft beer lover from last year. You want to get them something that relates to their interest and even enthusiasm about craft beer, but what? Never fear, the NCBeerGuys are here with our annual gift buying guide for the local craft beer lover in your life!

Small and Independent American Brewers Thrive Abroad. The Brewers Association today reported export growth data for the American craft beer industry in 2015.

Farm grown hops in leaf and pellet, sold directly from our family to you and yours.