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Special tappings, food pairings and discussions planned at multiple venues May 11-17

Want to wash down that leftover Halloween candy with something spirited? Matthew Stock, a beer expert from the Brass Tap, says craft beer can complement our candy cravings. • "I always tell people pairing beer is easier than even pairing wine," he said, "because there is such a variety of natural flavors in beer, and lots of interesting specialty ingredients." • We threw out a few candy suggestions to see if Stock could identify the right beer for the job. Here are his…

Eleven days of beer events featuring more snifters than one human should ever have to handle.

For its third year, the Bacon and Craft Beer Festival decided it needed room to groove. So Saturday's event of local food vendors and craft breweries from all over California

Track the Pittsburgh region craft beer breweries, styles, events and more with Beer Me, a Post-Gazette beer blog and video series by Mike Pound.

Once, a few mega brands dominated the American beer landscape. Now, offerings from smaller breweries are so vast and varied it’s hard to know where to begin. Here’s your guide to the major regional styles, plus 21 top craft brews that deliver an intriguing taste of place.

The tap room is an interesting layout, with a circular wooden bar in the middle of the room with taps and the service area in the middle. The beer flows through lines from serving tanks in an adjacent cooler. The idea for the circular shape is to allow people sitting at the bar to see each other, Williams said.

Not so long ago, every city and large town had their own brewery. Unfortunately, most closed, unable to compete with the mass-production operations of the big name beer companies. This generation of beer-drinkers, however, has rediscovered the art and joys of brewing beer in smaller batches. Connecticut has many microbreweries where making beer is a labor of love.

Where's the best place in Dallas-Fort Worth to grab a craft beer? I get this question all the time from readers, social media followers and...

A trip to Portland, Ore., inspired Celina Wolfe and Travis Romine to do something different here in the Mahoning Valley.

45 percent of packaged craft beer sold in Colorado last year came in a can.

Motor City Brewing Works, one of Detroit's original craft beers, debuts its Ghettoblaster in a can and will sell products in other states.

Two Spartanburg County residents are turning their passion into a business and hoping to provide something different to Upstate beer fans.
Josh Dodson and

These days, when there are skiers on the mountain, there’s usually craft beer on tap in the lodge.

It’s supposed to be 80 degrees and nothing but blue skies and sunshine on Sunday.

The turkey is roasted. The ham sliced. Casseroles -- from green bean to sweet potato -- are on the table. And yes, there are dressing, rolls, cakes, pies and all the usual sights, aromas and flavors of Thanksgiving dinner.

Waller Creek Pub House helps revitalize Downtown stretch

In many ways, craft beer's boon mirrors Fondren. Both emphasize local support. As with craft breweries, the vast majority of businesses in the neighborhood are small and local.