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Our 3rd annual Virtual Developer Conference has come to a close. We are very pleased with the turnout and positive feedback we received. If you missed it, don’t worry we recorded all the sessions which are available to view now. The presentations are hyper-linked in each of the presentation descriptions below. Just expand the session you are interested in and click on the link. Some presentations will have sample code available to you as well and will be found along with the presentation…

Sylvia Fowles set a WNBA record with her 157th career double-double, breaking Lisa Leslie's decade-old mark.

Check out the latest community post from one of your neighbors. (The views expressed in this post are the author’s own.)

We need a Green New Deal to fight climate change while tackling issues of justice and rising inequity.

Apple will introduce disability-themed emojis in a move designed to "bring even more diversity to the keyboard."

Jul 13, 2019 02:00 pm
100 NYC restaurants, corn desserts, spitty ice cream, and a spiced bird from Bon Appetit’s Alex Beggs.

An Executor (technically, Executrix if a woman) is the person you appoint to carry out your wishes as expressed in your Will. The Executor’s job lasts...

The Handicare C-1000 ceiling lift comes with multiple carry-bar options which make it easy to move bariatric patients.

State-by-state data privacy laws are on their way, and our recent legal expert webinar provided workable insights into managing this regulatory onslaught.

If you’ve ever come home from a hellish day to greet a four-legged furball, you know that petting your dog can dramatically decrease your stress levels. But petting dogs you’ve never met before can have a similarly stress-reducing effect.…

If I Had a Dollar . . . How many times have you sat with a client who wants to leave N.Y. for a jurisdiction with a more pleasant “tax...

Do you need to get coverage for your compnay? Then here are some of the important questions to ask when securing business insurance.

The limited liability company did not exist as a legally recognized business entity in New York when I first began handling business divorce cases in...

Ever wondered whether to have a second or third child after having a child diagnosed with autism? It can be difficult to think about it when you have the challenges in front of you, but many parents have had other children and found out just how rewarding it is to have siblings for children with autism. Here are some of the thoughts they’ve shared on the topic. Natural Caregivers Becoming

Once a great retail disrupter in the 19th century and the world’s largest retailer in the 20th century, Sears filed for bankruptcy in 2018. What happened?

President, Continuing Education Company
*Offer valid only for participants who attend all days of any live fall conferences. Access to the online CME course will be sent to registrants after they have attended and successfully completed the live conference. The online CME course is not transferable. This offer is not valid if you cancel your registration or are a no show at the live conference. Webcast participants are not eligible for this offer.

MLMIC's latest Albany Report helps physicians, dentists and other providers understand the impact of the 2019 Legislative session on their practice in NY.

Considering the personality traits of your team members gives you the ability to build a team that works together to create a powerful, compelling engine for driving your company to faster, more sustainable growth.