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Growing a blackberry plant in our backyard mini orchard. Check out other varieties on www.bushelandberry.com/ Another favorite: PERPETUA BLUEBERRY (B...

The Allen Institute for Brain Science has nearly doubled the number of virtual mouse brain cells in its Allen Cell Types Database. But wait … there’s more.

Events are a great tactic to engage your community and form strong bonds among residents. For inspiration, here are 34 of our favorite resident event ideas.

An administrative law judge has ruled that MD Anderson Cancer Center must pay $4.3 million to the HHS Office of Civil Rights due to multiple HIPAA violations. This is the fourth largest penalty eve…

Join Healthcare Scene as we sit down with Craig Raeburn, Vice President Commercial Programs with ProVation, to talk about real time order set optimization. O...

Mulcahy Law Firm, P.C
The heat is here, the first day of summer is tomorrow (June 21) and owners and their guests are flocking to the association’s pool… pool safety starts with you. It goes without saying; the importance of pool safety is something that we can’t stress enough.
What to say to that person who likes to “prop open” the pool gate?
PLEASE close the gate! For safety and liability reasons, your board should take a proactive stance regarding the improper propping…

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Inside Line Promotions – MINOT, N.D. (June 20, 2018) – Greg Wilson is

For a written post click here 👉 bit.ly/fattobulletproof Have you been following the Bulletproof Diet or similar? Curious about it? Leave me your thoug...

Calm: Free from mental agitation
Anxious: Afraid or nervous
Repair: Restore to good working condition
It shouldn't be a surprise that these four words are linked emotionally…especially if you manage commercial properties
Whether it is our car, or our building's air conditioning we want to know it is working properly...to be calm
But what happens when a piece of equipment breaks unexpectedly?
Now we feel anxious,…

A senior security executive with a major academic health system has told Congress that in addition to attacks by random attackers, healthcare organizations are facing new threats which are changing…

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Squirrels can be a destructive pest to homes by destroying roofing and getting in between walls. Call the squirrel exterminators at Western Exterminator.

The best Android phone in 2018 is definitely a Motorola smartphone. Our guide to Motorola cell phones will cover all the reasons why. Motorola cell phones are unlocked, affordable and capable.

Learn how to clean your baby's gums and how to brush your baby's teeth properly. Also, find out if your baby needs fluoride and when dentist visits should be...

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Remember how your parents told you that driving a car is a huge responsibility? They weren’t just trying to scare you—it’s true. An important aspect of car ownership is a commitment to proper maintenance. One area that is easy to keep an eye on for yourself is belt maintenance. Belt degradation can lead to overheating, …

Grey is a relaxing tone that's fit for any and all rooms of the house. From the bedroom to the hallways, it's an easy neutral to work with and a shade that

By now you know all about the popularity of pet washing stations and dog parks. Those are not the only features you can add to attract pet owners.Dedicated spaces for pet owners can be a major draw, according to Multi-Housing News’ Adina Marcut.

Almost 12 million Americans bury a parent every year. Read to learn from Robin Fiorell, a 45-year-old woman who lost both of her parents in the same year.

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