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Learn the value of forming partnerships with adult education and workforce training programs to help build family economic mobility.

Nathan and Davina, married for 15 years, have had their share of struggles.

I was recently browsing through blogs and came across this post on the Elation EMR blog about their practice of having developers shadow a physician as part of their hiring process. What an amazing…

The following is a guest blog post by Justin Campbell, Vice President, Strategy, at Galen Healthcare Solutions. I Can’t Get No Satisfaction…but I try, and I try, and I try, and I try – …

Is your mechanic telling you to change your oil, fuel filter, or brakes, demanding nitrogen in tires or premium fuel in the tank, and explaining high costs due to your "foreign" car? Learn what's an auto shop lie and why, and how to respond, with this quick guide to the motor vehicle tales falsehoods you're being fed.

Are you ready for WordCamp Los Angeles 2018 even though we’re still a quarter of a year away! We are too! And we’re excited to announce that early bird tickets are now on sale. Today, w…

The Head Start Program Performance Standards require breastfeeding education for expectant families and accommodations for breastfeeding children. Breastfeeding provides a true head start for the children that Head Start programs serve.

Alameda city leaders broke ground on a billion-dollar development Wednesday on what was once a Navy base. It's called Alameda Point.

This is first in a new series of articles. Over the coming weeks and months I will be publishing the origin stories of interesting, inspiring people in healthcare. These men and women come from all…

Best East Bay area HVAC in Castro Valley. Near Hayward and San Leandro, fixing air conditioning, furnaces and heat and air systems throughout the Bay Area.

Oct 4, 2017 7:26 PM EDT
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Now let’s turn to our series on the opioid crisis, its enormous toll in American life, and efforts to get a handle on it.
We have spent the past couple of days showing some of the devastation it has wreaked, as more and more people have become hooked.
Tonight, as part of our weekly Leading Edge science segment, Miles O’Brien explores the mechanics of pain, and some possible alternatives for coping with it.…

Homes across the Central Coast are being invaded by rats, say area pest control experts, who are reporting an increase in calls related to the rodents.

This webinar focuses on strengthening Head Start and Early Head Start programs’ efforts around partnering with families to strengthen financial capability. National experts review the research and programs share their experiences working with families to address financial security.

16 May 2018
No matter how much you learn about “selling,” we know that real estate is a client service business. If you want to succeed with solid referrals, exceptional real estate client service is how to do it. So, how do you provide better real estate client service? While you help sellers to get their homes ready to sell and value them, and you help buyers to find and purchase a home, your greatest involvement with them is during the transaction process…

This brief video shows segments from a surgical procedure to repair an umbilical hernia while using self-hypnosis as the sole anesthetic. The patient, Holly,...

Nonprofits often get by with versatile staff members willing to tackle new challenges and a lot of help from reliable volunteers. But sometimes you need a level of expertise or experience only a consultant can offer. This is especially true when dealing with technology and data systems.

UK Games Expo 2018 1-3 June Birmingham UK - posted in Conventions, Meetings & Greetings: Its that time of year again, 12th annual UK Games Expo at the NEC Birmingham and Hilton Hotel.
The first group of RPGs and tournaments have gone live.
I am running 5 Cthulhu 7th ed games over the weekend one of which has already sold out!
Hope to see some of you there!

Neil Tyson often conjectures that maybe aliens have concluded humans aren’t intelligent enough to contact. He’s probably referring to our capacity for war, but lawns may display our talent for fruitless carnage even better.

How is mental illness affecting all of us
What treatments are available
What treatments work or don't work, and why?
What are current laws regarding mental health patients?
Mental health in the news is associated with mass shootings as well as celebrities speaking out about it. Our panelists will present different perspectives to raise awareness, help us remove the stigma and clear the path to healing.…

TEXAS DROUGHT - Drought throughout Texas appears to be getting worse. That’s according to weekly figures from the U.S. Drought Monitor released last week.

Certain scents have a way of triggering specific memories or moods, for better or for worse. When you’re staging a home to sell, your space should prompt feelings of peace and comfort. Incorporating—or avoiding—certain scents in your home really can make the difference between prospective buyers loving or loathing your abode. The Power of Smell …

Activated charcoal is the craze in the beauty industry to help get those pearly whites, but at what cost is it taking on oral health? What Is Activated Charcoal? It’s

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The EWG’s list of fruits and berries that are apparently too dangerous to eat is based on shoddy science.

Call of Cthulhu is its own monstrosity. As it lurchs up from the seabed, this system breaks the shoreline and demands a different storytelling method from its game master. In Dungeons and Dragons,...

Donald Broughton, chief market strategist, FreightWaves
Flatbed operations that can't take advantage of "drop-and-hook," have not recovered from the implementation of the ELD mandate. (Photo: TruckStockImages.com)
As the trucking industry continues to broadly install and learn to use the ELDs (electronic logging devices) required by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), there are beginning to be large disparities in the way the devices are impacting…

Will Hart shares on where Iris Global is at now and where Jesus is leading us as a ministry, movement and family.