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Your credit card can get you some serious benefits, saving you money on everything from a simple shopping trip to an extravagant vacation.

Get inspired by these determined folks who've managed to lose—and keep off—more than 20 pounds. Here's the trick that worked for them.

SCHNECKSVILLE, PA (August 15, 2018) – “Back to School” is more than a tagline for late-summer advertising – it also notes a potentially stressful time for kids. According to experts at KidsPeace, parents can help their children make a smoother transition from summer to the classroom by recognizing and addressing emotional needs tied to … Continue reading Back to School Tips for Parents Featured on Latest KidsPeace Podcast →

Funny horse jokes, dumb horse puns, and a healthy round of "horse walks into a bar" jokes that are guaranteed to cause unbridled laughs.

You and your mechanic may not be best buddies, but it’s definitely beneficial to establish a good relationship with them.

While many trees on Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast have evolved with dry weather patterns, there are some species that are more susceptible to drought. Some are even dying, says B.C. Forest Health Officer Tim Ebata.

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If you haven't considered these potential insurance options, you could be in danger of losing a lot of money. Here's how to avoid the traps.

Multi-generational living arrangements are on the rise, and for good reason. Growing numbers of aging parents are seeking both comfortable surroundings and affordable care by sharing space with family members. Millennials are moving back into their parents' home until they acquire sufficient income to live independently. And in some cases, multi-generational households are being created merely because family members are discovering that they can purchase a…

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Hundreds of homes remained evacuated Thursday afternoon because of a growing wildfire burning north of Kremmling.

If I say “Coca-Cola,” you probably see the cursive typeface, red and white colors, curved bottles, and polar bears, right? That’s because Coca-Cola has spent decades building its brand with precise imagery, a consistent logo, and steadfast messaging. While Coca-Cola is the quintessential timeless brand, many entrepreneurs have a tough time replicating its success because …

Red gums are among the most prone to insect attack such as this.