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The CDC has confirmed that the Zika virus can be transmitted through sexual contact. Here are some common questions about Zika.

Batesburg-Leesville grad and current New England Patriot receiver hosts a football camp at his former school

The United States military launched the cyber strike on Iran as tensions have been escalating between the two countries.

The all-time winningest quarterback at South Carolina brought his camp back to River Bluff High School

More than 20 candidates spoke in front of a crowded convention center, all vying for a chance to become the party's presidential nominee.

Construction workers said the unfinished building doubled as their housing.

Medic transported the victim to a hospital, where staff delivered her baby. Both the 19-year-old and the child have life-threatening injuries, according to CMPD.

The deep-sea creature was filmed off the U.S. coast in the Gulf of Mexico, but scientists feared the footage had been lost after lightning struck their boat.

The move comes after a nonprofit group found two brands of bottled water had arsenic levels high enough to require health warnings under one state's law.

The plane in Friday's crash appeared to be heading back to the airfield when it 'flipped a reverse,' skimmed trees and crashed.

A government-controlled news agency reports Kim Jong Un says he would "contemplate the interesting content" the U.S. president sent.

The brother of Clemson safety Tanner Muse is coming to South Carolina

Once again, the area saw some damaging winds as high heat, moisture, and unstable air combined to form storms.

The ex-Boston slugger remains hospitalized, almost two weeks after he was shot in the back while in the Dominican Republic.

The recall covers more than 23,000 containers of formula powder sold exclusively at Walmart.

Prosecutors agreed in a plea deal not to pursue the death penalty. Now lawyers for the self-avowed white supremacist say he shouldn't have to spend life in prison.

Deputies found a black bear that had opened the door to the home’s mudroom and somehow managed to deadbolt the door from the inside.

Greenwood Police have a man in custody after he attempted to kidnap a child from Walmart.

The announcement came one day after Trump revealed he called off military strikes on Iran at the last-minute after learning 150 people could be killed.

The New York-based advice columnist claims a friendly encounter with Trump at a department store turned violent. Trump called it a 'totally false accusation.'

The 75-year-old showed no sign of ill health three months after the tour was postponed because a doctor said he required medical treatment.