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In the aftermath of a natural disaster, many people have questions about how the situation might affect their taxes. People who experience a disaster – or anyone who knows someone who did – can visit IRS.gov for information that will answer their questions.
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Decorating with trendy colors is tempting. After all, who doesn’t want the most stylish house on the block? But let’s face it; trends go out of style just as quickly as they came into it. After a few years, your … Continue reading →

The experts at Dover Rug & Home provide a simple checklist of considerations for buying a rug.

Window treatments aren’t necessarily the first thing you notice when you walk into a room, but if they’re missing it’s glaring. Without window treatments, a room looks bare and incomplete. These pieces are often the finishing touches that bring your … Continue reading →

Mccormack's review of King Collision Centers. Very happy with the entire process, King has an excellent process and system for updates on vehicle timing

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Make no mistake about it, it hurts to be Sir Joseph. But really, who gets more applause than the favorite knight of the joust?

After years of talking about going, Dan and I finally made time in our busy Fall calendar to attend this year’s King Richard’s Faire…

No matter the space, rugs always make great focal points and can be the difference between feeling comfortable or uncomfortable in your room. Living rooms are generally the most utilized rooms in your house for when you have guests over, … Continue reading →

Taxpayers interact with the IRS for many reasons. In all these interactions with the IRS, even if taxpayers are simply asking an IRS representative questions about taxes or responding to an IRS letter, taxpayers have fundamental rights. These are outlined in the Taxpayer Bill of Rights.
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Theres' review of King Collision Centers. Everyone at King Collision is very customer focused. Listens and understands the questions and concerns and helps in...

Individual Retirement Arrangements – better known simply as IRAs – are accounts into which someone can deposit money to provide financial security when they retire. A taxpayer can set up an IRA with a:
bank or other financial institution
life insurance company

Kathleen's review of King Collision Centers. This was the second time I've used King Collision and was extremely satisfied both times. The friendly staff made...

There are so many factors that go into an area rug. Each of these impact the quality of the rug, the price, and the options you have. One of the major factors is weaving technique, which there are three of. … Continue reading →