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Bulimia nervosa is a life-threatening eating disorder that has many serious health consequences that are important to be aware of.

A person in ed recovery will experience the 5 stages of grief, but Bargaining in Eating Disorder Recovery can be quite dangerous and often leads to relapse.

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On this day in 1894, Percy Spencer, the self-taught scientist who discovered the power of microwave technology, was born. With an endlessly curious mind, …

Understanding eating disorders, for family and friends, is a challenge. It's also difficult to communicate what the eating disorder does. Read this to open a dialogue.

The historic Hotel Northampton, built in 1927 and a proud member of Historic Hotels of America, is located in one of the ‘hottest’ locations in America. Northampton, former home of President Calvin Coolidge, is now the number one small arts community in the country. At least 500 artists and artisans live in the immediate area. We are in …

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Binge eating disorder negatively impacts an individual’s ability to conceive, now and in the future. BED can create many fertility issues.

On this day in 1926, Boston's Elder Statesman of the Blues, Weepin' Willie Robinson, was born. Raised in the South, he launched his musical career in Trenton, …

A new study by Professor Dianne Neumark-Sztainer, School of Public Health, reviews data from 1,455 participants.

April 2, 2014 Author: Rebecca Tannenbaum

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