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Consider the consequences of the smartphone. What is it doing to our minds when we are living with this constant distraction?

Alexander “Alex”, born 9/01, is a very intelligent and respectful Caucasian teen who is capable of learning anything he puts his mind to. He enjoys learning ...

I am out of town, enjoying a nice little break with my family. We will still have activities for the youth tonight. Meet in the activity room at 6:00. They will have a brief worship time then play some games. If you have any questions about tonight, please contact Jacob Carr or Brian Lucas.

ATLANTA — An unexpected attacker has been after dogs in a Georgia city.Carolyn Taylor and her boyfriend were walking their two dogs July 3 in

The sweetness of fresh mango combined with savory pepper and onion and the zest of lime give this salsa a balance of flavors that are refreshing and crisp. Serve this appetizer with baked tortilla chips or whole grain crackers for a tasty snack.

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Hey folks,
The bowling alley suffered storm damage a week or so ago and has yet to reopen. So...we are headed to Urban Jungle in Peachtree City tomorrow night.
Cost = $20, unlimited rock climbing, lazer tag, and arcade. We will leave the church promptly at 6:00 and return at 8:30.
Also, you must complete the online waiver.

It takes time to find the perfect job, but you need money now—what can you do? The job search isn’t quick. Even if you know exactly what type of job you’re looking for, you still have to find an op…

It is difficult to know what to say and do when a friend or relative is diagnosed with cancer. Check out these 9 tips from a cancer survivor.

Jeff Sessions reembraced the use of debtor's prisons for those who cannot afford court fees, fines or costs.