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Fear kills more dreams than anything else, crushing the spirit and leading many to choose a purposeless path. Even when a person knows what they want to do in life, fear can overtake the mind. Actress Taraji P. Henderson knows about this all too well.

Blacktop will be replaced with rain gardens to ameliorate runoff, enhancing salmon habitat

"Drums Alive" is a proven program of drumming techniques and movement used at Good Samaritan Society – Mountain Home to help residents remain active. The cla...

$128 million NIH grant provides state-of-the-art electron microscopy technology, training to scientists nationwide.

Making meals for yourself presents challenges if you've always cooked for a family
As we age, we find ourselves falling into routines, so whatever you can do to introduce something new breathes new life into your day. I think the kitchen is a great outlet for creativity." – Marc Matsumoto, chef and author
But Marc Matsumoto — chef, author and PBS blog contributor — has some great tips to create healthy, simple meals that can easily be turned into single portions.

Why do you give to The Good Samaritan Society
I give to the Society because I believe it’s the right thing to do. There are many ways to share God’s love, and I’m involved in some of those through the work I do. Through my financial gifts, I can be involved in priority initiatives of the Good Samaritan Society that make a difference for people in other ways.
Why is giving to the Foundation important to you?
My donations are going to general…

Congratulations on your new home
A move to a senior living community brings the possibilities of focusing on what you love to do most.
Downsizing and boxing up a lifetime of possessions can be challenging, but these tips will help you save on a moving bill, and help you cut costs in your new home.
1. Get a floor plan of your new space.
Having the dimensions of your new home can help you identify what furniture will fit, and what you…

This is especially true for people who feel lost when their working days are over
George Rosch came to Ambassador as a rehab patient after brain and spinal injuries landed him in a wheelchair, ending his career as a truck driver.
“He was very depressed,” says customer engagement coordinator Barb Burger. “He had no idea how to find meaning in life. I reminded him God works in mysterious ways. We were looking for a concierge, and I thought, Who better to talk to…

Your adult kids may be uncomfortable facing the prospect of your mortality, but they need to understand your end-of-life plans. Here's how to tell them.

Don’t move on to another subject until he or she is ready
Maintain eye contact, speak slowly and clearly, and use words familiar to the person to promote better understanding.
2. Ask open-ended questions
Open-ended questions can’t be answered with a yes or no. “Do you like your room?” does not encourage the speaker to extend the conversation.
Instead ask, “I see pictures of children on your dresser — who are they?”
3. Ask one question at a time
Provide sufficient time…

School celebrates birthday as it awaits big remodel, parties are scheduled for May 18 and 19

Watch for daily devotions from Good Samaritan Society National Campus at 10 a.m. Central, most weekdays. If you liked this video, click "like" below and subs...

As we enter Older Americans Month, what do famous artists, activists and authors thought as they contemplated age? Here’s a quick look: “The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes.” …

After another incredible game-winning buzzer-beater by LeBron James, the Cavaliers -- who were fighting for their postseason lives eight days ago -- will look to eliminate the Raptors when Game 4 tips off on Monday night at The Q. Cavs.com has your five keys to victory.

COMPANY FACTSKEY (NYSE) U.S. Headquarters: Cleveland, OhioLast Year's DiversityInc Top 50 Ranking • No. 43

Drawing on funds supplied by KeyBank, JumpStart Inc. awarded $100,000 to help boost economic development and job growth in upstate New Yo...

It’s easy to feel motivated about the idea of exercising. Let’s all run marathons! And do a push-up challenge! But somehow, a lot of our plans never leave the “idea” stage. We’re all busy people, right? And it’s so hard to find the time.

On May 4-6, the 2018 NCAA Women's Water Polo Championship will take place at Mt. Hood Community College's Aquatic Center. Hosted by the University of Washing...

Dear Savvy Senior,
My husband and I are thinking about making some modifications to our home so we can remain living there for as long as possible. ...

More than 60 foreigners study at the college every year and local students can go abroad

Do you have questions about pet poisoning? Learn all about our treatments and more. If you need more information, give our Troutdale & Gresham veterinary clinic a call now to schedule an appointment!

Why are older adults more likely to become malnourished
As many as 38 percent of seniors living at home and up to 67 percent of those living in a nursing home are malnourished or at risk for malnutrition.
For example, if your parent's diet is primarily made up of bread, processed foods and soda, they might become malnourished due to a lack of nutrients — vitamins and minerals — that the body needs to function.
Click the tabs below for other risk…

The decision to move an elderly relative to assisted care is fraught with emotional baggage and practical concerns. If your loved one has been living independently for a long time,