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When managing over 1,000 customer accounts, keeping track of every loan document can get tricky. When you have over 20 locations with just as many accounts, organization becomes critical in order to service accounts and stay in compliance. All-State Holdings regional supervisor Tony Biggot found the organization he needed by using Scan123 electronic document management. …

Zachary Pamboukas calls himself “The Bionic Kid” after receiving a bionic arm from Limbitless Solutions, a non-profit that uses 3-D printers to make articulated prosthetic arms and hands for kids, free of charge.

Have you started scanning last year’s files yet
When you started scanning this month’s Repair Orders and Car Deals, you slowed down the accumulation of paper in your office. Last year’s files are still there. Set a deadline and make a goal to scan every repair order or car deal for last year, scanning a little each month. You’ll appreciate the accessibility of the files online without much time needed to get them scanned in.
Would you rather go for a more aggressive…

The role of a Senior Living Nursing Assistant is demanding, but it's likely one of the most rewarding jobs you'll ever have. As a caregiver at the Good Samaritan Society, you'll have many opportunities to learn, grow and advance your career in a collaborative healthcare setting with a faith-based mission
What's in it for you: You will work in a faith-based organization with daily devotions and prayer before meetings (if you choose to participate). And you'll be part of a family, offering love…

Taught by Joel and Janet Grayson of Grayson Law
Receive 1 CE credit hour all while enjoying a scrumptious meal at

Audits. You are constantly auditing every year. Monthly and quarterly, you might audit flooring inventory, or parts inventory. Annually, you might be auditing your 401(k) plan deductions, meals and entertainment expenses and categorizing assets for depreciation. Less frequently, you might be audited by outside agencies such as the DMV. Auditing your records can uncover deficiencies …

Overall, 81% of nonprofit hospitals are stable, with a roughly even split between security ratings upgrades and downgrades, according to the ratings agency.

Yet many investments are at the whim of the market. We can't always predict the future value of our home(s) or mutual funds
Business ownership empowers us to have direct control over our investment and return, when done strategically.
During this private, 30-min webcast, we will cover:
* What business characteristics should I seek or avoid in my research?
* What businesses already have a portfolio model in place?
* How does the model work?
* What are the most recession-resistant industries?

This is "190113 Sunday Highlight" by East Hill Church Family on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Construction of the new home of the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health is slated for completion in fall 2020.

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The Good Samaritan Society is using music to help our residents with Alzheimer's Disease and dementia. www.good-sam.com/services/rehab-skilled-care/m...

This is "The Balon's Story" by East Hill Church Family on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Like humans, parrots have big brains and good communication skills – now we know the DNA regulating parrot and human brain development evolved in a similar way

Loneliness and social isolation, the complete or near-complete lack of contact between an individual and society, can be acutely troublesome for seniors,

Watch for daily devotions from Good Samaritan Society – National Campus at 10 a.m. Central, most weekdays. If you liked this video, click "like" below and su...

We accept, without thinking much about it, that some housing will be set apart and restricted to people over the age of 55. Indeed, the entire senior living industry is founded on this deliberate policy of age segregation. We also know that the number of older Americans is large and growing larger every year. Everyone, …

How to compare different local grocery delivery services and determine whether they're worth the cost.

The watch contains a simple electrocardiogram (ECG) that tracks your heart rhythm and can detect the presence of atrial fibrillation ("A-fib"), an irregular heartbeat that increases your risk for stroke and heart failure.

As a victim of childhood trauma, I have a propensity toward anxiety. It is my reaction of choice when life gets difficult. Having lived with anxiety most of my life, I never knew there was another way to live. I assumed it was normal. I assumed everybody lived this way. I became so used to the way anxiety made me feel, I could function through almost any symptoms. Sometimes, the panic attacks would paralyze me momentarily, but I could work through the quick…

Good Samaritan Society – Loveland Village Wellness Director Evon Schones and her team provide a culture of wellness for our residents there. www.good-sam.com/locations/loveland-village. “My job is to put together a wellness program that as many people can benefit from as possible,” Evon says. “Whether you live in health care, whether you live in assisted living,

Balance of sale financing is one alternative available to carry you through the sale of an item you own that is not completely paid off.

Find out how diabetes can affect your eye health, your vision and your view of the world.

Looking for ways to have fun once the temperatures start to drop? Enjoy these winter family vacation destinations.

Explore seven PR lessons that content marketers need to understand as owned, earned, and paid media continue to intersect.