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Keep an eye on the top car problems that can lead to expensive repairs if neglected.

Dr. Kimberly Sanders, ND @_drkimsanders What is Epstein Barr Virus? Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) is a type of herpes virus that causes infectious mononucleosis, also known as “mono.” While the symptoms of infectious mononucleosis will resolve over time, the virus stays dormant inside a patients B lymphocyte cells for life. EBV inside the B lymphocytes can …

WebMD helps you understand night vision problems such as halos, blurriness, and night blindness. With a doctor’s help, you can find ways to treat vision problems you have at night.

There's a lot of stuff about happiness on the internet, but what do neuroscientists say can *really* make you happy? Here are 4 things backed by research.

A Baltimore school has come up with a brilliant way to curb kids from acting out in class. Instead of sending children to detention, they send kids to a Mindful Moment Room for meditation. In partners...

members are returning to homes that just don’t meet the needs of their situations
So they’ve been waitlisted for new homes that will help to transform their lives.
That’s why GMC is partnering with Building for America’s Bravest to help build over
200 smart homes for our most deserving heroes. Together we will enlist to unlist them.
Bo Reichenbach, a Special Operations 2 Navy Seal, was injured on
July 17, 2012 in Afghanistan. While on foot patrol, Bo stepped on an
IED and…

13 facts about Halloween. Did you know Hollywood outlaws Silly String on October 31?

Take a look at some of the most amazing hotels in the world. Not everyone can afford to holiday in one of these locations, however most of us would love to spend quality time with family or friends there. You might want to stay in the room underwater or perhaps enjoy your breakfast from the cave facing the sea.

Studies suggest that Female Friendships can release hormones to combat Stress. Is Sisterhood the most powerful force for Women's Health?

Richard Thaler has won this year's Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for his work on the limits to human rationality and how to subtly influence people's behaviour

Beware superstitious friends: It's Friday the 13th again! Here are some fun facts about the day you might not know:

Intuition is challenging to define, despite the huge role it plays in our everyday lives.

Shop top bike rack brands at low prices. We carry racks from Thule, Yakima, Saris and more guaranteed to fit your car.

Nashville, Tennessee (TN), United States 37203-0007
The Associate General Secretary-DHE oversees all functions of the Division of Higher Education and serves as the chief executive and operating officer for the Division; responsible for the vision and work of the Division
Essential Job Functions
1. Administers and oversees the higher education mission and programs mandated by the Book of Discipline including annual operating budget and the three…

The apostle Paul is not generally viewed as a pastor. Teaching, fearless advocate for the faith, traveller, apologist, pioneering church planter, yes—but pastor? As we read Paul's letters, in some part because of our cultural distance, it is easy not to sense that we are encountering Paul the pastor

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Allie Esiri is a firm believer in the power of poetry to give meaning to both the mundane and the celebratory. If you haven’t picked up a volume of poetry since school, this is the perfect place to start

Comparing the personality test scores of the same participants taken twice, 63 years apart, researchers found no significant correlations. By Christian Jarrett

Your Multnomah County Library card opens the door to a world of information and entertainment: books, e-books, movies, music downloads, CDs, audiobooks, online newspaper and magazine articles, library computers and more. All you need to get started is a library card. Library cards are free to residents of Multnomah County and many outlying areas .
You can complete your application and pick up your library card at any library location .

GMC has an OnStar Crisis Assist Service1 for impacted GMC customers with OnStar equipped vehicles. By pressing the blue OnStar button, their specially trained Advisors can provide temporary, no-charge access to emergency services, like routing to shelters, personal calling, or in-vehicle Wi-Fi1, at no charge. We are ready to help our drivers in whatever way we can in this great time of need
Coordinating emergency rescue…

To prevent dehydration, it's important to get seniors to drink more water. Easier said than done! To help, here are 6 ideas to increase their fluid intake.