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Humanae Vitae Is Based On Wisdom Of The Ages by Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio Though scientific advances have made many aspects of human life easier and safer, some “advances,” such as contraception, have instead contributed to the erosion of the moral fabric of our society. Proponents of contraception at the time of the release of the encyclical often argued that allowing it would enhance individual marriages and…

Anyone who is praised in the letters of six or seven saints undoubtedly must be of extraordinary character. Such a person was Paulinus of Nola, correspondent, and friend of Saints Augustine, Jerome, Melania, Martin, Gregory the Great, and Ambrose. Working for the poor, he served as Bishop of Nola for 21 years. Among his few writings is the earliest extant Christian wedding song. His Liturgical Feast Day is June 22

How we moved from fear of the unknown to a new culture,…

In the midst of a wasted youth, Romuald watched his father kill a relative in a duel over property. In horror, he fled to a monastery near Ravenna. After three years, some of the monks found him to be uncomfortably holy and eased him out. Romuald spent the next 30 years going about Italy, founding monasteries and hermitages. He longed to give his life to Christ in martyrdom, and got the pope’s permission to preach the gospel in Hungary. He was called home…

The CEO of UBS Group AG endorsed blockchain technology in an interview, suggesting that it is "almost a must" for business.

Digital transformation has become a common buzzphrase in the tech community over the last few years, but the concept has hit consumers

To most banks in the U.S., cryptocurrency businesses are pariahs. To Metropolitan Commercial Bank in New York, they're "pioneers."

Not one but five 3D-printed concrete houses designated for occupancy will be built in this first-of-its-kind architectural and construction project.

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Fiber Is Good for You. Now Scientists May Know Why.
By Carl Zimmer
• Jan. 1, 2018
• •

• •
A diet of fiber-rich foods, such as fruits and vegetables, reduces the risk of developing diabetes,...

In May 2018, CDK Global attended CDX, the UK's largest automotive expo. Check out the recap video of our time there!

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Dey and Abesamis, et al. v. Next Cleaners NY1, LLC, and Next Cleaners, LLC, and Next At 808 Columbus, Inc., and Kam Saifi, individually, and George Inakavadze, individually, and Alekey Berezov, individually, Case No: 17-cv-2049, Southern District of New York

Parsha Nation Youth Program
For the Sake of Heaven
Rabbi Naphtali Burnstein
Mara D'atra, Young Israel of Greater Cleveland
In Pirkei Avot, Chapter 5, Mishna 20, we are reminded of the difference between a machlokes sh’le L’Shem Shamayim ─ “a dispute that is for the sake of Heaven, and a machlokes sh’eino L’Shem Shamayim ─ a dispute not for the sale of Heaven.” In giving us the examples of each, the Mishna chooses that of Hillel and Shammai as that of a machlokes…

Long Beach Reach has served community residents since 1970 providing comprehensive social, psychological, educational and legal assistance to individuals and families. Our mission is to reach out with counseling, treatment and educational services in both English and Spanish
An individualized treatment plan will be developed in collaboration with clients and may include: individual, group or family psychotherapy, psychiatric and psychological evaluations, chemical dependency education, play therapy…

In this document, the Mobile Marketing Association intends to dissect the main trends that will drive mobile marketing in 2018. Here, you’ll have access to insights, analysis, opinions and projections from some of the great players in the industry, who will discuss the benefits and challenges of topics such as Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Payments, Location-Based Services, Multi-Touch Attribution and Transparent Use of Data.

Body & Brain Yoga combines elements from a variety of Eastern practices to enhance your physical, mental and energetic health. Body & Brain practice helps yo...

On Wednesday, May 23, the National Football League (“NFL”) announced a new rule in the game operations manual regarding players and team staff kneeling in protest during the National Anthem.

“Welcome to the #8thDimension. #AudiQ8 t.co/TqF4k6Si9a”

Australia’s leader in all-terrain towing technology; offering premium caravan and camper trailer independent trailing arm suspension systems, drop on all-terrain Couplings and an extensive range of other Towing Technologies for your caravan or camper trailer.

Air BP invests in growth of Australian network
13 June 2018
Bundaberg and Busselton airports join the Air BP network taking the number of airports the company provides refuelling services at in Australia to 76
Air BP starts supply of Jet A-1 to Cloncurry airport, complementing the existing supply of Avgas
New locations reinforce Air BP’s ongoing commitment to deliver the most comprehensive fuelling network in…