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The home of the future, we are assured, will be swarming with tiny sensors: security cameras, carbon monoxide detectors, speakers and everything else. Few..

Though vehicle crash fatality rates have been steadily creeping upward with more cars – and especially trucks – hitting the road in the post-recession years, today’s models aren’t scrimping on the safety features. As many as 10 airbags are spread around a new-vehicle’s cabin these days to provide ma

Knowing the dangers doesn't seem to stop motorists from using their cell phones to text and talk while behind the wheel, insurers' group says.

Scientists from Google and Verily have developed a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm that can determine a person's risk of heart attack through thei...

SpaceX nearly succeeded in catching the fairing used in its PAZ Falcon 9 mission on Thursday, using a barge called 'Mr. Steven' that uses four giant arms with..

(JTA) — Many Jews attend overnight camp. But growing up, Micah Hart was so Jewish that he attended two every summer. Hart was the son of the director of Jacobs Camp, a Reform Jewish camp in western Mississippi. He went there every year, but to give him some independence, his parents sent him for half the...

Minnesota family agrees to more than $2 million settlement against dentist after 17-year-old daughter goes into cardiac arrest during surgery.

ADHD and Executive Function Disorder (EFD) are tightly linked, but far from synonymous. They both make it exceedingly difficult to complete tasks and stay organized, but EFD impacts nearly all goal…

Creating a single token requires as much electricity as two years’ worth of consumption by an average American home. Some enthusiasts believe that’s a problem.

Global debt soared to a record $233 trillion in the third quarter of 2017, according to a report from the Institute of International Finance.

More than one third of home fires occur during the months of December, January and February. Most fires and injuries are preventable, you just have to …

It's no secret that kids love the holidays! They love the gifts, the parties, and the collective joy that fills the air — and they can't get enough of

The Earth is spinning a little slower than usual right now. That could mean a lot more earthquakes with at least a magnitude 7.0 ahead in 2018.

The Homestretch Tailgate Benefit offers grab & go beer, wine and comfort foods, while viewing your favorite athletes, track side, on the last, most important turn of the races. As the runners head to the finish line, raise your glass, cheer them on and show your support. See the action up close, witness history in the making, be a part of the memories
The Homestretch Tailgate Benefit ticket includes a 5-hour track side reception featuring cold beers, specialty wines and a fantastic array…