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The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)FLSA, which stands for the Fair Labor Standards Act, is a law that protects workers from workplace violations and practices related to wages and pay. The law created regulations that affect businesses and workers, including minimum wage guidelines and rules about overtime. In addition to wages, the FLSA also gives...

The ecommerce industry has transformed over the last two decades as digital advancements have changed how people behave, including how

Screw you. Screw the judge. Screw the defense lawyer, you scream at your attorney. My case is worth at least $5 million," you screech.

Labor Union Inflatable Rats Under FireLabor unions commonly use inflatable rats when they picket a company for using non-union labor in order to draw the attention of passersby and bring public awareness to their protest.

One of Egypt's most famed drinking spots has swapped intellectuals for tourists

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Do I Really Need a Promissory Note? Anytime there is a transaction where money is lent between individuals or entities, a promissory note should always be executed by the lender and borrower. A promissory note is a written contract between individuals or entities that governs the loan transaction and sets forth, in detail, the payments …

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A Tesla for the masses – that’s what the Model 3 is supposed to represent. The fourth new model from the wildly ambitious and often controversial American br...

The Earned Sick Time Act in New York CityAs of May 5, 2018, the New York City's Earned Sick Time Act permits employees paid time off, if they or their family members are victims of domestic violence. Such time off, referred to as “safe time” in the Act, may be utilized to address certain non-medical needs concerning domestic violence, sexual assaul...

In order to use an application, or access a secure network, you need to identify yourself. This is often done with a combination of a unique username and a password. Nearly everyone is familiar with this method of logging in to a system or application. The combination of a username and password is referred to as credentials, which are a form of authentication.

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The truth about ecommerce is that it’s a numbers game. While the quality of your products and the layout of

Truly an American scent. Inspired by the juice extracted from fresh blueberries, Demeter’s Blueberry is an exquisite fragrance with just the right notes t

Ecommerce platform BigCommerce is helping to bring commerce to content with yet another WordPress service. In its words, it's seeking to "empower merchants to take advantage of the trend toward contextual commerce." BigCommerce has partnered

​To stay relevant in a changing retail space, UK brand Superdry had to take a serious look at its customer experience (CX).

What happens when you pass out while in Tesla's Autopilot? Find out today! #Model3 #Tesla #Autopilot Want to buy Zac and Jesse's shirts and help support the ...

You don't need a diploma saying that you 'graduated' from your lawsuit and the court system. You don't need a 'certificate of completion' saying you've lived

CNBC HalfTime Report Curiously #CNBC decided to pull that segment. Seemingly in an attempt to control the narrative about @Tesla. Watch Chamath Palihapitiya ...

The judge assigned to handle your case often doesn't know the details of your case. He won't know just how good your medical malpractice case is until your case

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Marden-Kane is uniquely positioned to become your agency partner and ally.

Today, Instagram publicly announced their closed beta for checkout on Instagram in partnership with select ecommerce platforms including BigCommerce. Instagram’s