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Open up new roads of generosity with gifts of a range of assets, and rely us to help you coordinate, manage and administer those gifts into real and lasting impact.

Starting August 1, 2019, we will be adding a monthly and yearly plan as follows:

If you’re looking for a style that takes traditional in a different direction, check out the east-west setting. It’s the lastest jewelry trend that places the gemstone horizontally vs. …

GOSHEN — Two local men, representing Goshen and LaGrange, competed in a grueling physical test of strength, agility and endurance, and gave their all on a massive national stage.

There’s nothing complicated about grilling vegetables – just choose your favorites, chop, and throw on the grill. Here are just a few helpful hints we’ve found that can make you look and feel like an old pro
> Start with clean grates and lightly coat the surface with oil using a cloth or grill spray prior to preheating the grill. The oil will seal the pores of the grate’s surface and minimize sticking. Tossing vegetables in a little oil is another no-stick trick.…

Melissa Mitchel,West Goshen,3
Cathy DeMeyer,Goshen High School,1
Hank Moore,Goshen High School,3
Maria Herrera,Central Office,6
Lori Copsey,ECSEC,1
Maria Wenger,Parkside,1
Lori Shreiner,GMS,3
Diane Woodworth,Central Office,1
Anna Kridler,Concord,3,Annakridler@gmail.co...

The GCS Aquatic Center opens back up July 8th on a “normal” summer schedule! Hope to see you all soon!

After years of planning, Calvin College will become Calvin University on John Calvin’s Birthday.

Faith Formation Ministries is excited to connect with all who are passionate about children's ministry at Inspire 2019. Workshop topics include choosing curriculum, building a strong foundation for children and youth ministry, and more!

Making Change — Because you want to
There’s a theory that when we’re young, authority figures tell us what to do, and when we’re older we adopt our own sort of internal authoritarian, an invisible voice that periodically whispers things into our ears, like, You really shouldn’t eat that piece of cake. This voice is our sense of obligation, a vague, nagging feeling that we should do more or better, and it frequently leaves us feeling guilty and overtaxed.
A fair amount of…

Elkhart County 4-H Fair supporters and concert series enthusiasts now have an opportunity to pick up their limited-edition concert tees a few weeks early. In early June, fair organizers announced a…

Here are ten of the many workshops offered that elders will find helpful in their ministry.

Finance your next new or used car with Everence Federal Credit Union and get a rate discount when you purchase a fuel-efficient vehicle.

I am looking for information on whether and how CRC churches annually adjust pastor's salary to account for their years of service. Thanks for your input!

Training benefits everyone
No matter how small or large your investment in software and hardware, it's all for nothing if it doesn't deliver the promised improvements in productivity. No longer is it enough to have the latest and greatest computers, they also need to work for you, and you need to know how to best leverage them to make things as efficient as possible.
As important as the physical equipment is, understanding how to effectively use it is equally important. But all too…

How does the church create a safe environment for difficult discussions of both a political and a non-political nature? Some of the following links might provide useful discussion for church groups.

The work of anti corruption and the reduction of violence and poverty is critical to achieve peace. The State Department should reverse its decision to cut aid to the Northern Triangle, and support long-term, effective foreign policy. [@campaign]

Along with the bathroom, the kitchen is one of the most daunting areas to try and make zero waste.

Synod 2019 adopted several recommendations from a Synodical Review Taskforce to improve future synods.

Searching for a way to cool down this summer? Take this quiz to find out which Lemon Ice Dessert fits your personality best!

Camp Chef is your source for the best camping grills, stoves, smokers, and everything outdoor cooking. Let us show you a better way to cook outdoors.

Wearing jewelry to complement an outfit is often a fashion must. We try not to leave home without it! Even when traveling, we want to bring a few special pieces along for the trip, especially engag…

Synod welcomed 42 new candidates for the office of minister of the Word, including four people who asked to be identified only by their initials.

Before taking up the Addressing the Abuse of Power report, Synod 2019 paused to receive an overview about power dynamics, and to listen to an interview that illustrated just how much damage abuse can causes within churches.

Pictures from the 2019 GHS French Trip:
Eleven people traveled to France after graduation, GHS French teachers Jason Hobbs and Dru Mack, eight students and a parent chaperone. They spent 10 days in France, split between two cities, Paris and Blois. According to Ms. Mack, the students did a great job communicating in the target language and enjoyed experiencing the culture and seeing/learning about the history of France. The group got home on Tuesday, June 18th, safe and sound!

These 99 insanely FUN things to do outside will inspire you to enjoy open-ended outdoor play with your kiddos.

Learn more about sickle cell disease, including risk factors, signs and symptoms, and how it is treated.

Synod 2019 approved in principle sweeping changes to the denomination’s ministry shares funding system.

by lmartin June 18, 2019
WNIT is all set to offer a new service on their station, which will help prepare future students for kindergarten! At 7:00 p.m., Monday, June 24th, WNIT will launch their 3rd channel, the 24/7 PBS Kids Channel
“We know many young children either do not attend pre-school, or attend one that is not at the 3/4 rating that defines a “quality program.” We want every child to attend a quality pre-school program. In the absence of that, WNIT…

After much debate, delegates asked Synod 2020 to change Church Order to reflect that many congregations no longer “ordinarily” hold a second service on Sundays.

by lmartin June 18, 2019
Goshen Community Schools was well represented by artists in the Storm Drain Art Project held by the City of Goshen this spring. Two teachers, Rachel Weaver and Heather Potsander, as well as a Goshen High School graduate Katarina Antal, shared their artwork with our community to encourage protecting our local water resources
The artists were selected by a committee from artwork…

After much debate, delegates voted to move supervision of the CRC Archives in order to modernized them and provide greater opportunities for sharing.

The Christian Reformed Church in North America now has a new classis thanks to an act by Synod 2019.

Everence® Financial is pleased to announce their presenting sponsorship of the Walking Roots Band’s summer 2019 tour.

Spatters and drips are an inevitable part of using your oven. Fortunately, cleaning your dirty oven is a lot easier than you think. This simple 3-step method takes almost all the elbow grease out of the job and works while you sleep!