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The Dos Rios Watershed Clean Up Event scheduled for this Saturday, September 15th has been cancelled due to expected inclement weather conditions. The event was slated as a “Rain or Shine” event but the National Weather Service is projecting heavy rainfall and the potential for flash flooding which could create hazardous and unsafe conditions for event volunteers
The event is being rescheduled for Saturday, October 13th…

HuffPost - 21 hours ago
If you're one of the millions of Americans flushing your contact lenses down the toilet or sink, listen up. Researchers found that the plastic
Yahoo News - 3 hours ago
A new study by Arizona State University found that people discarding their disposable contacts by flushing them could be contributing to ...
Jacksonville Daily Progress - Aug 20, 2018
Flushing contact lenses contributes to water pollution, study says. Aug 20, 2018 Updated 11 min ago. Flushing contact…

People interested in bowhunting at Coleto Creek Park and Reservoir’s annual bowhunt have until noon Aug. 24 to apply.

Last week I was at Sam’s club, like every Saturday morning picking up my weekly supplies perusing through the fresh produce section. I was pushing my buggy (yes ‘buggy’ – t…

Mushrooms contain only small amounts of fat, calories or carbohydrates and may have many health benefits.

Has there ever been a taste that you enjoyed, but couldn’t quite explain? Perhaps you are noticing what has been coined as the fifth taste, “umami”; a taste attributed to foods containing glutamate, an amino acid that is one of the building blocks of protein. Think about a bowl of hot pasta with tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese, a freshly grilled steak with a rich mushroom sauce, or stir-fried seafood and chicken with crisp vegetables in a savory soy sauce.

This page lists the schedule for trout stocking conducted by the TPWD Inland Fisheries Division