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Chimney problems can occur all year long. Just because it’s summer, and you’re not using the chimney doesn’t mean all is well.

When you love plants as much as I do, it's hard to pick a favorite. However, there are a number of plants for the landscape that I would not want

Food scraps and yard waste can become great soil for your garden.

To apply mulch properly, spread it in a flat, even layer around the tree or shrub. The mulch should be just 3 to 4 inches deep. “More is not better,” she said. Keep the mulch an inch or two clear of the tree’s bark or the shrub’s stems.

For those who think you missed the spring planting window for your favorite tree, shrub, or evergreen, do not despair. Summer planting can be done

#SilverSource #charity golf outing attracts 100 golfers, raises over $130,000 for the SilverSource Elderly Housing Stability Program, Elder Eviction Protection and the Ride To Wellness Medical Transportation Program.

Courageous flowering crab is another unknown and underrated tree. It offers pink spring bloom, summer interest and fall color. It is also a tidy tree - it produces virtually no fruit. You may find a handful of half inch fruit on the entire tree.

Sycamore anthracnose is the most serious of the anthracnose diseases in Kansas. The most conspicuous symptom of the disease in early spring is death

New research led by University of Utah biologists William Anderegg, Anna Trugman and David Bowling find that some plants and trees are prolific spendthrifts in drought conditions -- 'spending' precious soil water to cool themselves and, in the process, making droughts more intense.

The chinquapin was supposed to have been wiped out by blight. Now one determined Missouri naturalist is hand-pollinating trees in secret groves to bring it back.

Plants cool themselves by letting water evaporate from their leaves, so in hot weather they need to move more water up from their roots.

I guarantee there is at least ONE thing in this list that you've thrown away before. Behold: the best alternatives to food scrap waste. You're welcome.

Winters Bros. has developed a program to recover and properly retire U.S. flags that were improperly discarded in the trash
Summer is right around the corner, and as people look forward to barbecues, beaches and fireworks, they will no doubt be producing more trash and recycling.
But when people think of items that are regularly thrown away or recycled, the American flag doesn’t often come to mind. That’s because people hang them proudly and the thought of throwing them in the garbage bin…

May 7, 2019 at 4:54am PDT
On Monday, June 10th, students will tour the Redwood Library followed by a photo-op outside with the students, Newport Tree Conservancy staff, and the 1835 Redwood beech tree
As noted below, grafting mature trees (particularly one as old as this Fernleaf beech) is not easy and not always successful. Their staff and Dr. Michael Dirr’s professional propagation team, for example…

Tree experts say the recent increase in rainstorms could potentially damage trees.

The Stealth LED Family, comprised of the CTL18 Stealth LED and CTL19 Mini Stealth LED, provides outstanding wall wash/flood lighting with superior uniformity...

Custom ranch-style home with pool and gardens on multiple lots in Glenview, Illinois. Blending stone and wood siding with deep overhangs and a metal roof, th...

A huge blob that appeared on the National Weather Service's radar wasn't a rain cloud, but a massive swarm of ladybugs over Southern California. Meteorologist Joe Dandrea says the array of bugs appeared to be about 80 miles (129 kilometers) wide as it flew over San Diego Tuesday.

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