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Here are some creative (and surprising) ways to store your stuff — no matter how small your bathroom is.

Robert Hunter III, of Rochester is charged in the death of Nancy Lopez-Cruz, 35, of Irondequoit on May 27 in the 1900 block of North Goodman Street.

Police found a tracking device in the glove box and three other VIN numbers. They believe the scammer would sell the car then steal it back.

A total of 44,268 motorcycles were reported stolen in 2017 compared with 46,467 reported stolen in 2016—a decrease of 5 percent.

humidclimateconference.org “How To Waterproof Your House With Prosoco R-Guard” youtu.be/ZimmxcfkupM John my Builder Friend in Boston on Instag...

Simplii Financial and the Bank of Montreal were both contacted by ‘fraudsters’ on Sunday

Why does your top-load washing machine not fill up? Watch our video to discover if the problem is your washing machine water valves, a kink in the water hose or some type of clog.

Hungry? Honor your appetite with food from our delicious artisan menu made from better-for-you ingredients. Satisfying healthy appetites & healthy lifestyles!

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is warning that a new malware threat has rapidly infected more than a half-million consumer devices. To help arrest the spread of the malware, the FBI and security firms are urging home Internet users to reboot routers and network-attached storage devices made by a range of technology manufacturers
The growing menace — dubbed VPNFilter — targets Linksys, MikroTik, NETGEAR and…

A security researcher found a serious vulnerability that allowed hackers to take control of a Steam user’s computer.

Neighbors with and without children can have very different ideas for what constitutes a harmonious community. Avoid an “Us vs. Them” mentality with these tips …

The supermarket says ditching the labels will help avoid "perfectly edible food" being thrown away.

The City of Glendora currently has the below listed projects out to bid. (This page is updated on a regular basis, please check the page periodically for information and posting of additional projects.)
Only “Official” plans and specifications must be used and are “ONLY” available in the City Clerk’s Office at 116 E. Foothill Boulevard, Glendora, CA
Each bid must be on a bid proposal furnished by the City, it must conform and be responsive to all the contract documents and bids will…

Is the misuse of your dryer the reason it doesn’t work? View our interactive photo for common dryer errors, along with tips to correct them and get your dryer running properly.

Like me on facebook.com/paperbeads and join thousands of paper bead lovers! Another tutorial by Janice Mae, a.k.a. Paperbeads Princess. She turns paper or an...

Viva Hair contains effective amounts of both cysteine and biotin, as well as a whole host of vitamins, minerals and herbs to support healthy hair. Viva Hair ...

At AMC’s MacGuffins® Bar & Lounge, our specialty cocktails, beer and wine always provide that extra kick that fuels your excitement. This summer, guests who are at least 21* can give a tasty toast...

Clairy is a Natural Air Purifier powered by real plants, combines the beauty of a sleek flowerpot with the technology to reduce dangerous indoor pollution

Learn why there is no greater reward than making a difference in the life of a sick child. Become a volunteer.

Turmeric, Ginger, Boswellia and salicin all have anti-inflammatory properties through their role as botanical COX-2 inhibitors. Bromelain has been used to he...

Introduction to OEEOver the years there have been many methods used for measuring the efficiency of packaging equipment and complete packaging lines. Let's face it, everyone wants to improve their

You may love your job now, but is it laying the groundwork for where you want to be in your career decades from now? While you continue to hone your craft at your current position, you can always t…

Sometimes it seems that packaging and labeling equipment just get more and more complicated. The labeling systems from our EPI brand show that this doesn't have to be the case, simple machines desig

Many organizations have struggled with PLM/ERP integration as existing methods are cumbersome, carry high risk and cost, and provide limited adaptability to satisfy commercialization needs. Oracle Product Hub provides a robust alternative.