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Basic siding maintenance and care can help keep your home in great shape for years to come.

In security news this week, some apps for children may violate privacy laws, State Department devices might be less secure than your Instagram account, and more.

Is your home heating system ready for the upcoming winter? Watch our video to see HVAC preventive maintenance steps for fall and learn how to get your furnace ready for the cold weather.

Time to start planning for that haunting Halloween house party. Click here to find the best tips!

Curling up in front of the fireplace with a book can be the quintessence of coziness on a cold winter’s day, but it can also …

Are you a top chef? Test your cooking knowledge and skills on kitchen utensils and ingredients and answer common culinary questions.

The Geospatial Intelligence Center has been tirelessly collecting volumes of post-Florence imagery since Monday of this week and has completed roughly 75% of targeted areas of interest (AOIs). Around the clock data processing and uploading has allowed the GIC to rapidly publish imagery on the GIC ArcGIS web map portal since Tuesday night where it is being used by insurers, government agencies and emergency responders to…

La Verne, CA Martial Arts - Han Bros TaeKwonDo Parent Testimonial Tae Kwon Do, Self Defense, Discipline, Respect, Fitness

La Verne, CA Martial Arts - Han Bros TaeKwonDo Parent Testimonial Tae Kwon Do, Self Defense, Discipline, Respect, Fitness

La Verne, CA Martial Arts - Han Bros TaeKwonDo Parent Testimonial Tae Kwon Do, Self Defense, Discipline, Respect, Fitness

September is the Realtor Safety Month, a time to raise agents’ awareness about safety and ways they can protect themselves in the office, at home …

Honda Accords and Civics produced prior to the introduction of anti-theft technology continue to dominate this report. A total of (6,707) 1998 Honda Civics were stolen in 2017 compared with just (388) 2017 Civics.

NICB is expressing disappointment in Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.'s August 27 veto of Assembly Bill 2169. Assembly Bill 2169 reduces the time from five days to 48 hours, following the expiration of the rental period, before a vehicle rental company may report a vehicle stolen.

By Robert O. Graves, CFP® CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Part of creating a Life Plan for clients requires assessing their risk tolerance. I ask the following question: “How would you feel if you lost 10 percent of your savings because of a market downturn?” “I think I’d be OK with that”, a client says. “How about this: if you had $1 million and lost $100,000, how would you feel?” A blank stare tells me that the 10 percent loss, when put into dollars and…

Introduction Astrophysicist Dr. Hugh Ross is a well-known voice in the scientific and evangelical Christian communities for his scienti...

PHOTO VIA CCCWhat if you could figure out the total cost of parts and labor to repair a car involved in an accident simply by snappi

When I speak at colleges and universities, students and “soon to be” graduates ask me varying questions. The one that is consistently asked regardless

Embodied Energy & Carbon
Hey friends, we're going to keep the conversation lively and discuss embodied energy when we meet next week. We'll discuss Howard Odum's work on Emergy, Life Cycle Analysis, Product Ecology, Bruce King's "The New Carbon Architecture," etc. And we're doing it at a new venue for our group, thanks to our good friends at The East Side Collective
Also, if you've got your own Relative Humidity sensor, bring it to happy hour. We've got a pretty neat side…

Several months back, I was given a copy of Why The Universe Is The Way It Is (Affiliate Link)by Hugh Ross from his organization Reasons To Believe. I recruited a friend to join me on my journey of reading it, and as I progressed through the book, I shared my commentary for each chapter on Facebook. Here is a summary of the book...

When Zebra launched the PAX4 print engine, it became a great selling product with a host of great features. Many customers relied on this printer as part of their printer applicator systems.Of cou

Hunt for mineral known as ‘white gold’ intensifies in the Andes, but those who live on the land say they are being tossed aside

From the video team that created Home Diagnosis comes the documenting of HOMEChem (House Observations of Microbial and Environmental Chemistry), the Alfred P...

ProMach has had a relationship with FLtecnics for about four years and . it is great to see the company is now a part of our team.FLtecnics is based in Girona, Spain and manufactures a range of h

Always Be Ready is another entry in the crowded field of introductory apologetics works. What sets it apart? I’d answer the question two ways: first, it has a number of deeply personal storie…