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Robert King was driving home from work Saturday evening when he saw an organ transplant vehicle mangled on the side of Lake Shore Drive. His quick action saved multiple lives.

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If you’re a coffee lover, you know that drinking coffee is a usually complex and nuanced experience. A few of the many things that draw an individual to coffee usually includes it’s rich aroma, comforting warmth, and the loveliness of the ritual of sitting down with a fresh cup as you wake up in [...]

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A VFW scholarship program has helped one Navy veteran work toward his goal of earning a higher education. Sean Sexton, who currently is stationed at Fleet Readiness Center Mid-Atlantic Oceana in Virginia Beach, Va., is one of the most recent recipients of VFW’s Sport Clips Help a Hero Scholarship.

The official doctor of the Roe Conn Show w/Anna Davlantes, Chief Medical Officer and SVP of Northwestern Medicine Dr. Jim Adams joins the show to talk about why this year's "flu season" seems to be so virulent, the recent resurgence of Ebola in parts of Africa, and a report about the possible danger of the close proximity of wireless devices to human tissue.

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The investigative solution improved patient metrics for itching, and could be considered for FDA submission later this year.

Allergy season is in full swing and pets are among the sufferers. Austinite Jeremy Fisk took his dog to the veterinarian several times before discovering allergies were responsible for the symptoms. “He was scratching his ears, rubbing his face, developing hot spots,” says Fisk. According to Dr. Everett Simmons with Burnet Road Animal Hospital, allergies are one of the most common reasons dog owners visit the vet.

Eight surprising myths that can hurt your weight loss goal, plus expert advice from a bariatric endocrinologist.