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Software solutions provider Hyland has introduced a new solution for financial institutions, Brainware for Lending. According to Hyland, Brainware for Lending is a template-free extraction solution that accurately captures and classifies loan documents and integrates with line-of-business tools to validate extracted data and fill in missing information before delivering data to loan origination systems. By …

We couldn’t resist mentioning the book arch in this gorgeous wedding in recent Monday Montage, and now Cindy’s giving us the whole bibliography. Folded paper and piles of books abound…

There are several reasons seniors take benefits so early. Here are a few common ones.

Bring blankets and lawn chairs for a free outdoor showing of “Leap!”

Marketers have always driven revenue. Through MAPs, they've been promised that they will finally be able to show attribution and ROI. The problem now is delivering—and it might not be as easy as once thought.

(Roosevelt between Rt 53 & Highway 355)
Top 3 Car Prizes - Gift Certificate for Auto Services

From self-driving vehicles to companion and healthcare robots, some of the tech coming out of today’s research laboratories seems more like fiction than fact. However, industry and academia are working together to bring next-gen technologies to sectors like healthcare that could benefit from innovation-inspired change. In the medical realm, a movement to create human organs-on-chips

We need your support to distribute food to over 200 families during our June and July summer food distribution events. These volunteering opportunities are incredibly impactful to our families as they are picking up groceries at HSP to provide food to their children when school is closed and
subsidized meals are unavailable.

For this column, I think it’s essential to take a deeper look at how AI (artificial intelligence) and robotics will impact healthcare and aging-in-place technologies could improve patient outcomes.
Let’s begin with AI. The late, great Stephen Hawking once said in an interview with BBC that, “The development of full artificial intelligence could

Are prints a crucial part of your photography business? Do you need to produce prints quickly to proof to clients to drive sales? A new feature in the I1Studio will help you achieve these results in five different toning styles.

✿ Unique round dial design, very chic and stylish
✿Wearing this wrist watch is so wonderful experiences, as if you are touching art directly
✿Package includes:1 x Watch

Ihop decided to pull a promotional ploy that so far is getting mostly negative observations, but how about a legitimate review of Ihop's New Ultimate SteakBu...

Mereo recently completed its fourth annual revenue performance study of Fortune 500, Global 500 and Russell 2000 companies for the 2016 and 2017 fiscal years. Once again, we have uncovered similar trends to previous studies — which has been consistent since the recessionary period of 2007 and 2008 — and we continue to be surprised …

Cypress Semiconductor and Semtech Corporation have announced their collaboration on a new, two-chip module combining a microcontroller with a long-range low-power LoRaWAN radio, to first appear in the Onethinx Core. "With its long range and low power capabilities in a compact footprint, Semtech’s LoRa Technology is

If you're nearing retirement, you're most likely excited for what lies ahead. But before you say goodbye to the workforce, there are a few steps you'll need to take to ensure that you're ready for this giant milestone.

CNC Software Inc. (Tolland, CT) recently announced the company’s flagship CAD/CAM software, Mastercam, reached 250,000 installations worldwide. The 250,000th unit was purchased by Roding Automobile GmbH (Roding, Germany), a division of Stangl & Co. GmbH Prӓzisionstechnik, a German precisions manufacturing company. “This milestone demonstrates our total dedication to the needs of machine shops and the …

“Summer 18 is a ‘90s basketball vibe,” says Aleali May of the product she styled for the Jordan Women’s Summer 18 footwear collection (Part 1).…

The U.S. Department of Transportation awarded $1.5 billion in infrastructure funding on Wednesday which will be used to pay for 26 projects under the federal Infrastructure For Rebuilding America (INFRA) program.

Hair educators and social media all-stars Daniel Mason Jones and Jen Planck team up to answer the questions YOU want to know. From how to brand yourself, gro...

We've all been in a recipe rut, that's why we started a series on Twin Cities Live at Four called, "Monday Night Meal." The goal is start your week off strong with a simple dinner idea that's easy to make and will impress your whole family. Fitness blogger and instructor, Linsey Bomgren shared how to make one of her favorite weeknight meals
1 ½ lbs. bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs (May substitute 1 lb. boneless, skinless chicken thighs)
12 oz. whole carrots (~6-8 medium),…

CYPRESS, Calif., June 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- At a time when Americans are voicing a desire to magnify the greatest...

Helma Wardenaar went above and beyond for one of her young students during an overnight class trip

"She was encouraging me! Giving me little neck massages when she saw I was struggling. She made up songs for us to sing. She sang a song when I was really sweating."

Are you stuck when it comes to restaurant social media? Struggling to come up with ideas that your guests will find interesting? Have no fear, we’re here with tips and tricks to use today.

Millenials are missing out on a lot of money when they move from job to job.

On behalf of Glen Ellyn School District 41, I want to thank the community of voters for officially approving the $24.2 million bond referendum
On Monday, April 24, the DuPage County Election Commission certified the election results.
Thanks to the support of the community, our students and teachers will now all safely be under one roof, will have improved infrastructure across the district, and will spend the school day safer in our buildings.
A special thank you to the 41 Forward for Kids…

Since North Korea helped Iran develop its nuclear program, information that allows the US to expose and dismantle a nuclear threat would be an important aspect of negotiations.