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An increase in the use of self-driving cars will change parking requirements in the city.

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Malicious software aimed at the hospital system’s 27,000 devices only affected around 250 and did not disrupt operations or patient care.

Will Rogers, the cowboy philosopher, reportedly said that he never met a man he didn't like. Apparently that was a misquote. In the annals of social history, however, it doesn't really matter. What matters is that we need to...

A multitude of calamities can threaten both individuals and companies, but the Everbridge mass notification platform can mitigate those threats.

Advances in autopilot technology in some cars has largely been heralded as a safety improvement, but a series of recent incidents is forcing some to question whether the technology is just making some drivers careless.

A pair of cases seeking certiorari to resolve a circuit split, despite involving states choosing to defund Planned Parenthood via Medicaid spending, did not garner enough interest among the Justices to be accepted. Technically, the case is about whether...

Remember how the Chief Justice responded to the complaints that the federal judiciary failed to protect employees from sexual harassment and misconduct? Well, a big hire has been made, and it seems to be a step in the right...

New research supports the idea that social isolation is detrimental to physical health—and that companionship may improve it.

Who says that tiny things can’t be rich in design? From French Rococo pieces to 17th century, Louis XVI style, June Clinkscales' antique-inspired miniatures are fit for a (very tiny) king.

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We know you have many organizations to choose from this Holiday Season. Please consider supporting the YMCA of Glendale, with your donations we will be providing access to YMCA programs that support a healthy family, social interactions for our seniors and a safe place for children and teens.
You can help by either:
Making a donation of any amount
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