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"Dave Barrett was a special kind of broadcaster -- one who could transport you to the scene of the story in just a few words," said Craig Swagler, the general manager of CBS News Radio. "He will be dearly missed -- both in this newsroom and across the country." Barrett was a winner of an Edward R. Murrow Award in 2011. He is survived by his wife, Joyce, and son, Luke.

First Energy reported that nearly 600 customers were without power tonight in Warren, including Trumbull Memorial Hospital, which was operating on generators.

In April, Judge Maureen A. Sweeney gave Joseph Zaku a chance to prove he’s turned his life around, but his failure to do so landed him in prison for three years.

A Lisbon police officer is expected to be arraigned in Mahoning County Area Court today after reports said he was arrested late Wednesday on a charge of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence and a felony charge of improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle.

Wearing denim bib overalls and a white T-shirt, John Mellencamp pulled up a stool and talked about his art.

Writer, lawyer, actor and political and economic commentator Ben Stein, a Republican with a sense of humor, favors universal health care and says it is “immoral” for a country with the wealth of the United States not to provide health care for all its citizens.

One advantage buses have over conventional RVs is that they have a larger load capacity, because they were built to travel with luggage and loads of people.

Judge Howard Sturim of the Nassau County court has a cute little secret that he hides under the bench in his courtroom. That secret is a diabetic service dog named Barney. Judge Sturim has type 2 diabetes, and Barney...

Back-to-back-to-back mass shootings take place within 24 hours; more than 200 presumed to be dead after a boat meant for 100 people capsizes in Tanzania.

Three shuttles will start running a designated route this week but will not accept passengers until December.

For listeners of streaming radio services, like Pandora, the recent decision over the licensing rates for those service providers may not have much of an impact. But, for some of the copyright holders, the decision in SoundExchange v. Copyright...

Plus, NYC’s chief technology officer releases guide for civic tech challenges: Cincinnati Data and Analytics Office partners with police on daily stats report; and Code for America brigades collaborate on Hurricane Florence response

Commissioned by the city council, a recent report considers which neighborhoods are most vulnerable to gentrification and which have already felt its impact.

Massive downpours like these are no longer as rare as the name suggests.

Just like in life, there are crossroads in law. Sometimes a lawyer will stand at the crossroads of a career decision. Other times, it may happen while facing a cross-over of legal questions. For attorney Jason Pearl, it was...

The Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins stop by The Woody Show to talk about CalJam, whether rock music is dead and more.

Assistive technology is making it easier for visually impaired people to buy groceries, hail rides, and more.

People were crowding into the courthouse for the afternoon calendar when they heard gunfire just outside. When the shooter started to come inside, chaos broke out -- people running, falling, yelling, crying. He shot four of them before police...

One of three men sentenced for his part in the global Mirai cyberattacks is being required to pass on his skills to law enforcement.

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A constituent called 911 on Wisconsin State Assembly candidate Shelia Stubbs and her family, suspecting a drug deal.

Your Home May Suffer Flood Damage During A StormSeaside cities are always hit harder by ocean-based storms than inland cities, and this could leave your home vulnerable to flood damage. Storms can gain sudden traction and size, sometimes rendering the predicted severity of the rain and wind useless. Intense winds and rains can cause flooding in the streets, and this flooding can carry debris along its…