Business in Vineyard - Glendale, CA

Neighbors of the group homes in Poland Village showed up at Tuesday’s meeting to defend their community and voice support for a controversial piece of legislation being considered by council.

“That movie ended up being not what I wanted it to be,” Frances Bean Cobain says of 'Montage of Heck.'

Mercy Health says the “economic uncertainty” caused by the announced idling of the GM Lordstown assembly plant this March has put a “hold” on plans to build a $250 million St. Joseph Warren Hospital in the proposed Enterprise Park development near Eastwood Mall.

Fat bears, a new kilogram, and the stunning power of trees: our favorite science stories from 2018.

Wondering what song in the top 5 was NOT from Imagine Dragons?

Trump ran as "tough on crime." But now he’s set to sign major criminal justice reform.

Horror comics master Cullen Bunn and artist Laura Braga put Riverdale's most popular and stylish twins into a creepy new light.

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s sentencing is postponed; the Trump administration’s bump stock ban is final.

A partnership between the Philadelphia Water Department and Drexel University’s Sustainable Water Resource Engineering Lab uses sensors on green infrastructure in order to utilize city storm water more efficiently.

It was the night before my final examination for Contracts Law, and I was sitting on my bedroom floor, feeling completely desperate. I knew I was not ready for the exam, and I felt that any last-minute studying I did would be pointless. When grades had come out the previous s...

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The rapid proliferation of autonomous vehicle technology has outpaced the federal government’s ability to lay down the law, opening the door for state and local regulators to step in.

The Laverne & Shirley actress and director of hits like A League of Their Own has died at age 75.

Doug Burgum, the former Microsoft executive turned governor, is asking for $174 million for 24 IT infrastructure projects and $16.4 million for cybersecurity consolidation efforts in his budget proposal.

You're watching the official music video for The Monkees "The Christmas Song". CHRISTMAS PARTY, the first holiday album by The Monkees, is available now http...

Daily reliance on the technology was cited as one of the reasons for a state Supreme Court “model policy” for allowing mobile devices into the buildings.

World's Largest Supplier of Amateur Radio, Ham Radio, and Communication Equipment. Sales, Supplies, and Service.

A five-year contract with provider AXON Enterprises will see the city’s police department outfitted with updated cameras, software and ancillary equipment.

Basketball fans love Steph Curry for his incredible shooting, but he shot an epic air ball when he said he didn't think man landed on the moon. It was unbelievable that he didn't believe in mankind's giant leap almost...

Test your knowledge of Google Search in 2018 by taking the new 'Game of the Year' quiz.

Some locals consider the wall a vital safeguard; others dismiss it as a wasteful stunt. Most wish the government would be more forthcoming about where it will erect barriers spanning 37 miles of the Rio Grande Valley. Throughout the valley, residents have grown frustrated and distrustful.

"Once you get spooked by something, you start being very sensitive to other bumps in the night."

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