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Schrodinger's Cat is probably the most famous thought experiment in the history of, well, thought experiments. It poses that -- after being placed in a sealed box with a flask of poison and a radioactive source -- the cat...

In the law business, there are ways to collect attorney's fees and ways not to collect them. In hourly cases, collecting fees in advance is usually the best. Collecting them along the way is good, too. But trying to...

Whether it’s a large state agency or a small town, all should practice good content governance on their websites.

The Center for Medical Progress released a video from inside Planned Parenthood that brought on a social maelstrom. The video, which showed the abortion providers talking about selling fetal tissue, shocked legislators, the media and others. But privacy rights...

In cities where scooters have launched, riders continue to flout local helmet rules, ride on sidewalks and disobey traffic laws.

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The report from a broadband consulting included recommendations from implementing broadband-friendly policies and ordinances to working with community stakeholders to connect with a fiber network.

Marketing your law practice is important. There are many ways to do so, and just as many ways not to. Attorneys frequently struggle with marketing for a variety of reasons. Whether it's a lack of time or a lack...

A lawyer by trade, Scott Boras turned his skills to negotiating sports contracts. In the process, he landed billions for his clients and earned hundreds of millions for himself. Forbes named him back-to-back

You may love your job now, but is it laying the groundwork for where you want to be in your career decades from now? While you continue to hone your craft at your current position, you can always t…

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Take a first look at the cover art and story information for the new Archie Comics arriving to comic shops and digital platforms in July 2018.

An upcoming client webinar focused on research and treatment of compounds like perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS), GenX, and 1,4-Dioxane.

Now that pot is legal, marijuana DUIs are a big topic and many people who use marijuana are confused about their rights. We've got you covered.

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