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Following a record-breaking $5 billion from the EU for antitrust violations, DuckDuckGo has voiced its concerns over Google’s search practices.

For lawyers and legal professionals, finding good podcasts that are more than just entertainment can often be a struggle. While you might not be hanging on every last word, it's impossible to shut off that automatic cringe when lay-folk...

While the debate over whether Judge Kavanaugh should or shouldn't be confirmed may be raging on along partisan lines, taking a look at one of his more curious dissents might provide a little bit of a different perspective on...

Discussed on this week's 5in5: Sindi v. El-Moslimany Lopez v. Sony Electronics, Inc. Close v. Sotheby's Inc. 9th Circuit Chops Down Artists’ Royalty Law Hajdusek v. US Allen v. Cooper Please subscribe, rate, and review our show if you enjoyed the content we provided and learn more at Legal Limerick of the Week: Perhaps it should not be a shocker; The law provides us no blocker; When the state wants your pictures; It dodges the strictures; It claims all of Davey Jones'…

What a difference a new trial makes. Well, not for Dean Skelos and his son. The former New York Senate Majority Leader and son Adam Skelos were convicted of corruption charges -- again. After a faulty jury instruction in...

The Florida Department of Transportation is working to install sensors across the state’s 68 rest areas to take the guesswork out of parking for tired truckers.

The Department of Innovation and Technology was created through executive order in 2016. Now it's officially codified in state law.

Several stakeholders in Erie County are behind a project that will open a range of data sets to business owners and the public.

Why did this lawyer send threatening emails to herself? Apparently, she was trying to create evidence to help in her job. Read more on FindLaw Legal Blogs.

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A $2.5 million workforce proposal from County Executive Armond Budish would focus on filling thousands of openings with skilled candidates.

Transportation planners are set to choose between $243 million in funding for new buses and an uphill battle for an extension of its rail system.

No-cost app development and rampant replication sounds like a civic tech pipe dream, but one organization is making it a reality.

With a recent update to Instagram, the app will now show users when people they’ve direct messaged online.

While employers need to be rather careful when employees make requests for accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act, the recent decision from the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in McDonald v. UAW-GM is rather instructive for employers.