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If you're struggling to spot issues in case briefs, and exam time is creeping up on you like a package filled with volatile fireworks being hurriedly carried across a train station platform, you might want to consider getting some...

Most lawyers out there have non-lawyer friends that will ask for off-the-cuff legal advice. And while we've all been trained to tell that friend that

Without blushing, GE awarded Culp a contract that could be worth $300 million. All he has to do is push the stock back to where it was a year ago. It’s time to re-set executive pay.

Though the secretary of state did not offer details about what a pause to the DMV’s voter registration program would look like, it is being considered as an option.

FlexLA is the new on-demand, micro-transit service for downtown Los Angeles.

The company, Periscope Holdings, also thinks it can use the technology to help government procurement officials find cooperative purchasing opportunities.

The cost of the summer cyberattack that devastated the Matanuska-Susitna Borough computer system has already topped $2 million. Now officials are asking for more.

Ultimately, Chevron expects the technology to cut down on miles traveled by its specialists around the world.

The Google-backed social network that seemed to flop from the beginning, Google+, has finally decided to just pack it up. There are a handful of people mourning, but they'll at least have a few months to mourn together+. Unfortunately,...

There are a thousand things lawyers should do in court. Always respect the judge, make eye contact with jurors, be civil to opposing counsel, etc. But there are at least three rules for in-chambers conferences, and the most important...

Our upcoming v18.2 release brings changes to the way control background colors are handled in conjunction with skins.

A year ago, we first released the Theme Designer tool for WPF. With the introduction of palettes that grouped individual colors into smaller sets, it was a big step towards easier theme customization. In this new release, we are taking your feedback on board to enable modifications to default styles and templates in addition to colors.

YouTube is removing channels from its partner program for duplication, which means the channels can no longer monetize their content.

Did you know that studies have shown that October as the most productive month of the year? In fact, the study has pinpointed 11am on a Monday in October as the most productive time of the year, wh…

Thursday was the second day in a row of big losses for the stock market, and the Nasdaq hit correction territory, down 10% from recent highs. Energy and financials were among the sectors getting slammed, but info tech help up a little better.

Tracy Repchuk started a software company at the age of 19 in 1985 and has been an entrepreneur since. She is a 7 Time #1 International bestselling author, appeared on every major TV network, spoken in over 37 countries and won awards from the Senate, Assembly, President Obama and the White House.

Our upcoming release will include a new WinForms component – one we are calling the Sunburst Control for WinForms. It was designed to help you represent hierarchical data in a compact and visually appealing manner. The DevExpress Sunburst Control uses a circular layout to display different levels of the hierarchy, with the innermost circle representing the top level.

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