Armenian Churches in Glendale, CA - Los Angeles County

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Christian Outreach for Armenians Church

Religious Organizations in City Center, Glendale

125 S Louise St

City Center Glendale, CA

(818) 242-9213

Armenian Church of the Nazarene

Church of Nazarene, Contemporary, Evangelistic, Inspirational
Church of the Nazarene in Mariposa, Glendale

411 E Acacia Ave

Mariposa Glendale, CA

(818) 244-9920

Armenian Ecclesiastical Brotherhood

Armenian Churches in Tropico, Glendale

206 W Cypress St

Tropico Glendale, CA

(818) 246-1290

Saint Gregory Armenian Catholic Church

Mass, Roman Catholic
Armenian Churches in Greenbriar, Glendale

1510 E Mountain St

Greenbriar Glendale, CA

(818) 243-8400

The Armenian Evangelical Union of North America

Church Multicultural & Multilingual in Mariposa, Glendale

411 E Acacia Ave Ste 200

Mariposa Glendale, CA

(818) 500-8839

Taline Christian Preschool

Armenian Churches in Glenwood, Glendale

632 W Stocker St

Glenwood Glendale, CA

(818) 244-6363

American Armenian Culture Foundation

Community Churches in Grandview, Glendale

Grandview Glendale, CA

(818) 240-2818

Saint-Kevork Armenian Church

Armenian Churches in Grandview, Glendale

1434 W Kenneth Rd

Grandview Glendale, CA

(818) 243-7802

Saint Marys Armenian Apostolic Church

Religious Organizations in Pacific Edison, Glendale

500 S Central Ave

Pacific Edison Glendale, CA

(818) 244-2402