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Facebook is now testing ads in search results, which are available to businesses in the automotive, retail, and e-commerce industries.

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Gary Brantley, chief information officer for Atlanta, discussed some of the IT changes made in the city following the costly March 2018 ransomware attack.

An increase in the use of self-driving cars will change parking requirements in the city.

Archie Unlimited lets you read thousands of digital comics (with new issues added every week!) for one low monthly price, right on the Archie Comics App!

In my last article I mentioned our 4th Annual Gala Dinner celebration at Renaissance Banquet on November 8th. It was a great event where we honored very distinguished people within our Y community as well as highlighting the success of making a greater positive impact in our community especially among our youth where we celebrated the launch of 2 successful programs targeting high school young adults…

Malicious software aimed at the hospital system’s 27,000 devices only affected around 250 and did not disrupt operations or patient care.

Will Rogers, the cowboy philosopher, reportedly said that he never met a man he didn't like. Apparently that was a misquote. In the annals of social history, however, it doesn't really matter. What matters is that we need to...

A multitude of calamities can threaten both individuals and companies, but the Everbridge mass notification platform can mitigate those threats.

Chief Executive Sundar Pichai took questions about privacy, censorship and work with the U.S. and Chinese governments during a Tuesday morning Judiciary Committee hearing.

A pair of cases seeking certiorari to resolve a circuit split, despite involving states choosing to defund Planned Parenthood via Medicaid spending, did not garner enough interest among the Justices to be accepted. Technically, the case is about whether...

Remember how the Chief Justice responded to the complaints that the federal judiciary failed to protect employees from sexual harassment and misconduct? Well, a big hire has been made, and it seems to be a step in the right...

New research supports the idea that social isolation is detrimental to physical health—and that companionship may improve it.

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Critical events are not only common, they’re next to inevitable. All companies surveyed have suffered at least one critical event in the past 2 years.

Maintaining a good online reputation is imperative for brands with an online presence. Here's a tool that can help you manage your search engine reputation.

Philadelphia's mayor and staff have pushed for evidence-based decision making through their collaboration GovLaBPHL, which studies human interaction, but are they making steps to ensure unbiased data?

The extraordinary moment Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle picks up the mace and walks it over the line during proceedings in the House of Commons. The parliamen...