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The $2.75 million project will screen for criminals, sex offenders and people barred from entering schools in the Buffalo area.

New parents don’t have to lose sleep about their kids’ well-being. Find out how Gerber can connect you to top nutrition resources.

One of the not-so-new hallmarks of a legal education is the prohibitive cost. And while there are student loans available to most law students, the risk of taking on massive student loan debt when the legal job market isn't...

Amazon shareholders came together to send a letter to CEO Jeff Bezos asking for the software not to be sold to police.

According to one Stanford researcher, the state’s push toward electric vehicles is admirable, but questions remain for utility customers.

Probate can be a completely public process, or it can be managed to include as little information as possible.

If you've had any contact with the outside world in the last week, you've likely heard about what's going on down along our southern border. While immigration enforcement is often a controversial and divisive subject, the separation of children...

Utah politics have always been a little different. From its theocratic beginnings, Utah has long been a bastion of conservatives. If you are a Democrat in Utah, you may have a hard time winning an election. So it is...

Facebook is introducing new video features which will let users create interactive video content.

Tarra Simmons was troubled on every side, locked in a prison of her own making. Incarcerated on drug and theft charges, she stared at the walls for almost two years. She never imagined what she recently experienced when she...

The deceased Vietnam War vet fuses personal history and cultural heritage in a retrospective at the Autry Museum

Some lawyers do wrong and act as if they've done no wrong. And it's annoying to see manifestations of

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Where does a law firm cross the line when it provides alcohol to its employees? In a case against the Gladstone Law Group, it wasn't when the firm escorted a paralegal out of the building for being drunk. And...

Find out how to get your hands on your favorite Archie Comics, graphic novels, and digests! Preview all the new releases for 6/20/18!

Court documents are offering new insights into how federal agents identified the man they say is responsible for a series of online attacks.

A recent report says that commercial digital signage along state highways could bring millions of dollars to state coffers.

Content marketing is a key factor in the success of your link building and SEO. Here are two case studies that show the potential of content marketing for SEO.